Coach Ramsland's Remote Learning page


    Hello! I'm "Miss Ramsland" aka "Coach Ramsland" and here is a little clip I made to put a face to the name, and here is my welcome letter

    Here are my Google classroom class codes. Please make sure you join the correct class! (check your schedule!)

    1st- c54enro

    2nd- tvt53pa

    5th- fadsk6n


    7th- 7kwrmut

    Success- a5smtet


    Here is a great little tutorial about how to split screen on your iPad:



    Class Calendar: See your google classroom for materials, details, ask questions or get help!

    8/19/20--welcome and attendance 

    8/20/20--getting to know eachother; be prepared to share 3 things about yourself with the class!

    8/21/20--finish presentations. 


    8/24 Assignment "What is this thing called health?" 

    8/25 Project: Part 1: Make your own health triangle

    8/26 Project work day

    8/27: Project: Part 2: Evaluate your wellness and Goal setting Lesson

    8/28: Project part 1 and 2 is due. 


    8/31 Assignment: Vovabulary for Bones and muscles (due Wednesday)

    8/31, 9/1, 9/2 Skeletal and Muscular system overview to help you with your assignment/notes!

    9/2-Finish going over Vocabulary info (DUE today) and pretest assigned (due Friday) Quiz link:

    9/3-Kahoot! Skeletal system and Muscular systems:

    9/4: No school, but your Bone Pre-test turned by today (assigned Wednesday) Quiz link:

    9/7--No school--hope you had a nice long fun and relaxing weekend!

    9/8--Bone identification WS

    9/9--Muscle identification WS

    9/10--Bone and muscle identification WS due (if you didn't finish Tuesday/Wedneday finish as HW today)