• I will be posting daily expectations on Google Classroom. I have included the classroom code for each class period. Please be sure that you can also login to Amplify Science.

    Remote Learning will begin on March 30th, 2020. 


    Check Google Classroom Daily. 


    1st Period Google Classroom Code-kj44z3q

    3rd Period Google Classroom Code-j7nfpd4

    4th Period Google Classroom Code-np7cxms

    5th Period Google Classroom Code-q4h6cj6

    8th Period Google Classroom Code-opn62lb


    Amplfy has an app/link on the ipads or you can acccess it by going to Amplify.com. Then go to sign in, and find the link to Amplify Science. You will need your school google login to get in.


    You will be marked for attendance for each assignment posted. Your completion of the work will certify that you were in attendance for class that day. Both Google Classroom and Amplify will have timestamps of when you accomplished the tasks.