• This page has been edited to include any items that the group needs. Assignments are now listed by grade level under the "Remote Learning" tab.


    To Parents: I meet with your child for about 30 minutes per day (4-5 times per week). Your child should work about 20-25 minutes on these assignments for their grade level. If he/she doesn't understand something, please email me and I'll explain (kallen@antioch34.com). Otherwise we'll go over everything when we return to school. 

    One more thing... If a language other than English is the primary language spoken in your home, speak that language! Your child will not get confused. I always encourage my English Learner families to use the language they are most comfortable with. Children's brains are amazing and well-equipped to process two languages, especially at their young ages.

    To my wonderful kiddos: I MISS YOU!  As always, do your best and stay positive (meaning don't get upset) if you don't understand something.



    Grades 2-4: Here is a copy of our Question Words Poster. You can upload the image so you have it on your iPad

    Question Words Pic

    Additional Question words: Would, Should, Could, Have, Had, Will, Can