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    Tips for Successful Remote Learning

    • Log on to Google Classroom every day. Make sure to attend LIVE classes. The link to the lessons will be posted.
    • For independent work- Complete/watch the entire lesson BEFORE doing the assignment. 
    • Some indpendently paced lessons/flipped classroom lessons require students to watch a video in Slides. They need to click the arrow for "Present" mode in Slides for this to work. Watch this quick video that explains what to do! Click Here

    Students can see their "graded" work on Google Classroom, and there is often feedback from their teacher in the comments.  

     Class Schedule

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  • Routines

    For each lesson day, students should start by visiting Google Classroom and follow this routine:

    1. Make sure Google Classroom notifications are turned on.
    2. Check the "Stream" for announcements in each class. This shows important announcements and reminders.
    3. Check the "Upcoming" assignments box in each class. This shows what is due. 
    4. Attend any live meetings on time. 
    5. Check the "Classwork" tab to see your assignments in each class.
    6. Complete independent work for each class. Turn in work. 
    7. Check graded work and make corrections if needed.
    8. Remember that you can reach out to your teachers on email to ask any questions that you might have. Teachers also have open office hours from 2:30-3:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.

    Troubleshooting the Student iPad

    Here are some things to try if issues occur. 

      1. Close all of the open apps. Too many open apps can lead to lagging and things not working. 
      2. Make sure the iPad is charged or plugged in.
      3. If it is a video, give it a little extra time to load.
      4. Restart the iPad. This often helps. 
      5. If the site utilizes a Google login, the user may need to sign out of Google and then login again. 
      6. Try using Chrome vs Safari. 
      7. Close all the tabs on the internet except the one you are currently using. Some students have MANY many tabs open, and it might be slowing it all down.
      8. These are district owned devices. Make sure the student iPad is not storing videos and pictures that are not needed for school.
      9. Clear the history and the cache. It’s kind of like cleaning out a backpack. Sometimes there is so much stuff in the backpack , it needs to be completely cleaned out. 
        1. Safari – on the iPad, go to Settings/Safari/Clear History and Website Data. 
        2. Google Chrome – In the upper right corner of the browser page, there are three dots. Click on the three dots. Click on History and Clear Browsing Data.