• What's Happening in our Classroom



    We have been doing a great job on virtual learning. I know it is hard to sit in front of an iPad all day and I appreciate the students doing thier best during this time. Just a reminder of our zoom expectations

    1. Be sitting in a quiet space with all materials and ready to learn. Laying in bed or laying on the couch is not a great place to be focused and ready to learn.

    2. Please try to keep eating to a minimum on zoom.

    3. Participate and do your best during learning.

    4. Use kind language to everyone at all times.

    5. Complete assignments and turn them in when asked

    6. Be where you should be (be on reflex when it is that time, be on ST math when it is that time, etc)

    7. Be respectful of others at all times

    8. Keep yourself on mute unless we ask you to unmute.

    9. Keep your camera on (we love seeing you :))


    We have the book fair coming up! See the slide attached for previews of books and to buy!


    Also, we have family reading night. Please see attached


    Keep up the great work Oakland Eagles!


    Have a great week!






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