• The year will begin with a review of the kindergarten Word Wall Words. Please practice these words daily to support your child’s early reading skills.  


    Aug. 26th:  a, no, in, an, so

    Sept. 3rd: is, to, up, me, go

    Sept. 9th: some, all, he, at

    Sept 16th: am, see, I, and, it, can

    Sept. 23rd: do, we, on, the, how

    Sept. 30th: has, I'm, like, be

    Oct. 7th: she, my, big, don't, put

    Oct. 15th: you, as, not, for, day

    Oct. 20th: one, out, him, by, or

    Oct. 28th: come, get, look, her, back

    Nov. 4th: had, came, have, his, make 

    Nov. 11th: of, did, was, now, are, into

    Nov. 18th: that, said, away, little, very, us

    Dec. 2nd: been, play, but, from, man, here

    Dec. 9th: our, your, put, what, saw, who

    Dec. 16th: after, with, there, they because, going

    Jan. 6th: where, this, could, two, went

    Jan. 13th: just, too, when, were, over, then

    Jan. 20th: mother, will, want, ask

    Jan. 27: off, them, there, take 

    Feb. 3rd: why, made, those, which

    Feb. 10th: cold, old, say, would

    Feb. 18th: it's, good, give

    March 9th: round, again, may, right, only