5th Grade Savvas My View:

    Unit 1 - Journeys: How do journeys change us?

    Unit 2 - Observations: How do we learn through our observations?

    Unit 3 - Reflections: How do experiences of others reflect our own?

    Unit 4 - Liberty: What does it mean to be free?

    Unit 5 - Systems: How do elements of our systems change?


ELA - New Curriculum!

  • Last year, many classes across the district piloted two ELA programs:

    • During the first trimester, we piloted a program called "HMH: Into Reading".
    • During the second trimester, we piloted a program called "Pearson: My View".
    • During the third trimester, we chose to move forward with "Pearson: My View".

    Luckily, I was part of the pilot group last year. At the start of the summer, the Antioch Board of Education approved the purchase of Pearson: My View.  Since purchasing, the program has changed names and is now refferred to as Savvas: My View. Savvas will be used in all Kindergarten - 5th Grade classrooms in the district. 



    Each Unit is 6 weeks long, leaving the 6th week as problem-based learning opportunity. Each of the first five weeks in a unit, Savvas follows a generic routine:

    Day 1: Build Background Knowledge

    Day 2: Introduce story of the week

    Day 3: Skill #1

    Day 4: Skill #2

    Day 5: Evaluate student progress

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