• Climate Change

  • Climate Change Web-quest and Poster Project


    Note: A copy of the packet is at the bottom of this page

     This web-quest is designed to explore the controversial topic of climate change.

     With so much information in the media about climate change, it can be hard to distinguish myth from reality. Students will research the subject on the computer to explore how serious the problem of climate change is and what steps they can take to reduce their impact on the environment. 

     Each student will create an electronic informational poster that will provide information about climate change and on ways they can reduce their impact on the environment.

     Climate Change has many causes some are listed below:

    • Natural factors, such as changes in the sun's intensity or slow changes in the Earth's orbit around the sun
    • Natural processes within the climate system (e.g. changes in ocean circulation)
    • Human activities that change the atmosphere's composition (e.g. through burning fossil fuels) and the land surface (e.g. deforestation, reforestation, urbanization, desertification, etc.)

     According to NOAA and NASA data, the Earth's average surface temperature has increased by about 1.2 to 1.4ºF since 1900. The warmest global average temperatures on record have all occurred within the past 15 years, with the warmest two years being 1998 and 2005. Most of the warming in recent decades is likely the result of human activities. Other aspects of the climate are also changing such as rainfall patterns, snow and ice cover, and sea level.


    After you have completed the independent research section of the web-quest you will create an informational poster that will inform the reader of basic climate change information as well as steps they can take to reduce their impact on the environment.


    The audience for your climate change poster will be your fellow classmates here at AUGS. Keep this in mind, the focus is on climate change awareness and on ways our middle school students can take simple steps to help lower their impact on the environment.


    Final products from this web-quest will be your independent research packet and your informational poster.

    Climate Change