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    Have a great summer!   sun

    Please check out your local library for Summer Reading Programs.

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    tails and tales






    What we have read this year.


              hooray for fish     jabari


    Books we have read!


                              counting kisses       mother bruce                      mommy




                          Plant the tiny seed            the Night Gardener


                          feely bugs        big bugs




    Thursday, April 22 is Earth Dayearth


    earth day biscuit       Michael Recycle




         spring         rover


    bird nest    tree    duck



    if you plant a seed              good egg






    mooncake                        brightest star


    Go fly a kite 


    kite day

    We are marching in March


    the wind blew                 hooray for hat



    garbage     pick up       mixer


    We are going places!   Beep! Beep!


    Books we have read this year


    joe       supertruck





                  Beep        go go go stop                    





    That's What Friends Are For   by Julia Hubery

    Please, Mr. Panda   by Steve Antony





    sweet                you'll be my val




    spy pets          Pet this book            alfie





                                                         pet wants a pet            Petunia                                      



     Winter with Lily and Milo by Pauline Oud



    one snowy day

    One Snowy Day by Diana Murray


    dream snow

    Dream Snow  by Eric Carle


    Winter is here

    Winter is Here  by Kevin Henkes


    Bear Snores On

    Bear Snores On  by Karma Wilson


    thank you  

     for returning your library books.



    A lot of fun things to look forward to!


        We hope you are enjoying your library books and our Reading Incentive Program.


    Reading gives us a place to go when we have to stay where we are.


    Please check out reading programs at your local library.


    Antioch Public Library District


    Lake Villa District Library




    5 Ways to Become a Great Reader

    Read every day.

    Read about things you like.

    Read everything you can, like maps, comics, recipes, posters and magazines.

    Take a book along wherever you go.

    Use your library often.  




    Early Learning Center


    We're going to have the best year! 





    Mrs. Brauer

    Library Media Assistant 




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