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    Course Description Medical Detectives: 

    Students will learn about engineering and the STEM courses (science, technology, engineering, and math).  Students will complete all steps of the Design Process while solving the Design Problem.

     Classroom Expectations

     Students are expected to participate in all curriculum activities, including collaborative group projects for problem-based learning. Students are to be prepared for class, which includes class supplies. Behavior rules are posted in the classroom

    Vocabulary Words

    Students will have vocabulary work on a unit basis. This will also have tests and other assessments.  


     All assignments will be turned in either r in the medical notebook or through my google classroom or seesaw website. Students will have assigned log in’s and passwords to this site. We try to have a paperless or engineering notebook classroom, unless we are sketching. If you would like to see upcoming assignments or what the students are currently working on, this is the google classroom is the best place to look at.

    Design and Modeling

     Lesson 1.1 What is a Medical Detective?

     Students will learn what vital signs, blood pressure and typing is and basic body systems, and how to take medical notes.  They will dissect sheep brains and look at muscle systems.  As a ending project they will look at medical reports and figure out what disease the patient has.

     Lesson 1.2 Research Careers

     Students learn the steps of the Design Process and how to use the Design Process to solve problems




    Medical Engineer Research project :Larger Project

    Labs and learning about the human body

    Sheep Brain  

     Medical Mystery 

     Blood Typing and DNA