Healthy Snacks

  • Healthy Snacks for Children

    Serving healthy snacks to our children is important to providing good nutrition for growth and development, supporting lifelong healthy eating habits, and preventing costly and potentially- disabling diseases, like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity.

    Snacks are a bigger part of kids’ diets than in the past. Snacks can make positive or negative contributions to kids’ diets – depending on the choices we offer.

    Please follow the Healthy Snack Policy listed in the Student Handbook. 

    Healthy Snacks (K-5 Snack Time)

    Student health and wellness is dependent upon good nutritional choices for all students throughout the school day. The prevention of allergic reactions and the reduction of childhood obesity are factors contributing to healthy and allergy safer snack options. (While it is recognized that there can be no guarantee of total allergy free environments within the school setting, the term “allergy safer” implies efforts to reduce the potential for allergic reactions.) All classrooms throughout the District will be nut free classrooms in order to provide allergy safer learning environments for all students. Students participate in educational activities in various classrooms during the school day due to flexible grouping, changing class periods at the middle school, and specials such as music or PE; therefore all classrooms must provide, to the extent reasonably possible, an allergy safer learning environment.

    Only healthy snacks will be allowed during the school day. Healthy snacks are fruits and vegetables. Products with tree nut/peanut manufacturing procedures or ingredients will not be allowed in classrooms and will be sent home with the student. Fresh fruits and vegetables are recommended, and some schools have adopted a more specifically defined daily snack policy. Individual schools or classrooms may employ additional restrictions or guidelines for school snacks as needed. Please see your school’s specific webpage for details.