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    Eureka Math was created to meet the new levels of rigor and instructional shifts necessary for today’s math classroom. The instructional shifts are most evident in the fluency, application, concept development, and debrief sections that characterize lessons in the Grades PK–5 ofEureka Math

    Eureka Math is based on a theory of teaching that is proven to work. That theory posits that mathematical knowledge is conveyed most effectively when it is taught in a sequence that follows the “story” of mathematics itself. This is why we call the elementary portion of Eureka Math “A Story of Units,” which is followed by “A Story of Ratios” in middle school and “A Story of Functions” in high school. Mathematical concepts flow logically from one to the next in this curriculum.

    The sequencing has been joined with methods of instruction that drive student understanding beyond process to deep mastery of mathematical concepts.

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