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  • Welcome to Art
    I am very excited to be your child's art teacher and I have many lessons planned to bring out their creativity!
    Art is built around the foundations called elements and principles. Students will use these individually and in combinations throughout all art lessons.
    Elements of Art: Line Shape Color Space Value Form Texture
    Principles of Art: Pattern Balance Contrast
    There are also key vocabulary that students will learn and should continue to use as they talk about art. Some of the concepts they will focus on are listed below. 
    Second Grade: resist, illustrate, silhouette, theme, medium, symmetry, warm and cool colors
    Third Grade: intermediate, overlapping, placement, 3Ddepth, illusion, tint, shade
    Fourth Grade: contrast, pattern, placement, radial, balance, cubism, abstract
    Fifth Grade: value, perspective, monochrome, complementary, movement, tint, shade
    Below are some of the I Can Statements students will strive to achieve. 
    I can discover the intermediate colors and use them when I create art. Primary colors: Red, Yellow, Blue Secondary colors: Orange, Green, Violet Intermediate colors: Red-orange, Red-violet, Bluegreen, Blue-violet, Yellow-green, Yellow-orange Neutral colors: Black, White, Gray, Brown If I add WHITE to a color, it will become lighter. This is called a tint. If I add BLACK to a color, it will become darker. This is called a shade.
    I can identify & explain different types of art careers. Illustrator Painter Cartoonist Sculptor Video Game Designer Fashion Designer Toy Designer
    I can discover positive and negative space and use it when I create art.
    I can discover color schemes and use them when I create artwork. Color + white= Tint Color + black= Shade Warm= Red, Orange, Yellow Cool= Blue, Green, Purple Monochromatic= One hue plus tints, shades and tones of that hue Complementary= Two opposite colors on the color wheel
    I can identify and experiment with drawing 3D forms.
    I can demonstrate how to use proportion, especially within the human figure and facial features.