T-Chart of Behavior

  • Teacher Managed Behaviors

    (Not an automatic Think Sheet)

    Office Managed Behaviors




    o  Inappropriate language

    o  Intentional physical contact

    o  Defiance

    o  Bullying

    o  Disruption that requires teacher redirection

    o  Tardiness (three per trimester)

    o  Property misuse

    o  Non-serious, misuse of technology guidelines

    o  Use of personal items not intended for educational purposes

    o  Repeated behaviors (three or less)




    o  Inappropriate language with intent to harm

    o  Fighting

    o  Inappropriate physical contact with intent to harm

    o  Repeated Bullying

    o  Lying/Cheating

    o  Defiance frequently

    o  Disruption that interrupts teaching/learning

    o  Frequent classroom tardiness (four+ per trimester)

    o  Property damage

    o  Forgery or theft

    o  Violation of Acceptable Use Policy

    o  Possession of substances/objects readily capable of causing bodily harm

    o  Repeated behaviors (four +)- Must show proof of 3 different interventions

    o  Tardiness (four +/trimester)











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