Recorder Karate - A Fourth and Fifth Grade Program

  • This program is year- long in both 4th and 5th grades.  Each student has a chance to perform a belt song for the teacher alone, to recieve that belt.  Each student is expected to test once a month and will be told of the date of the test about 2 weeks in advance.

    Below are the various belts for reference.

    White                   Play “Merrily We Roll Along”         BAG 

    Yellow                  Play “Au Clair de La Lune”           BAG  

    Orange                     Play “Aura Lee”                         BAGC’D’  

    Green                        Play “Barcarolle”                       BAGC’  

    Purple                       Play “Goodbye, Old Paint”       BAGC’D’F   

    Blue                           Play “Hall of the Mt. King”         BAGC’D’FED  

    Red                            Play “This Old Man”                   BAGC’D’ED F#   

    Brown                       Play “Polly Wolly Doodle”          BAGC’D’ED F#   

    Black                         Play “Oh, Susanna!                    AGC’D’EB-Flat  

    If you pass all of the belts above, you will begin the process of becoming a Recorder Karate Dragon Master.  This process includes 8 more songs of progressing difficulty.  As you progress through them you will recieve different distinctions as well as belts on a seperate card to signify your progress.  After your 3rd degree Black, you are considered Teacher and can come at the end of the school year to help the 3rd graders learn to play the recorder.  As you reach the 5th degree, you are a Master and you have the distinction of being an apprentice to the teacher, to learn how to test other students on their Recorder Karate Tests.  Finally, upon passing your 8th degree, you are a Dragon Master and are able to test others on their Recorder Karate Tests (typically 5th graders get to this belt and they would have the option of helping test 4th graders - if regular classroom learning permits!)