Recorders - 3rd through 5th grades

  • All students at Oakland Elementary play recorders in 3rd through 5th grades. (3rd grade starts after Spring Break)

    Each student is expected to obtain their own recorder for music class.  Students will receive a packet which will include all that we will be learning and playing on the recorder. The packet sent home is for home practice so it does not need to come back.  For conservation, I did not create extra packets to take home, so please take care of your packet. 

    I suggest a 3 piece recorder for it's quality of sound and cleaning ease.  Please no recorders from Walmart or the Dollar Store, since they have poor sound quality and break quickly.  A good place to buy a recorder is Antioch Music - in downtown Antioch, on Main Street.

         Below is a link to a discounted price for a recorder     (no book is needed):


    In 4th and 5th grade, all students involve recorders through the music curriculum.  Students perform on their recorders in their concert and they begin a program called Recorder KarateRecorder Karate is a self paced recorder program which uses all of the skills that students have learned in music class and gives a student the chance to apply those skills in a safe and fun environment.  As students pass Recorder Karate tests, they receive a "belt" on the base of their recorder. 

    (See the Recorder Karate page to get more information about the various belts!)



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