RAZ-Kids Reading Site


    RAZ-Kids is a great resource that we use in the classroom and one that you can use at home as well! It is a reading website that your child can access with books at their individual reading level.


    Here is how to access the website from any computer connected to the Internet:

    1. Go to www.raz-kids.com from your Internet browser and click on "Kids Login" as shown here.

    2. Type in my teacher username dobrochta and click GO.


    3. Make sure that each time your child accesses Raz-Kids they see “our” classroom with my name and their names. Some students have brothers and sisters in other classes who also utilize Raz Kids so it’s important to make sure you are in the “right” classroom. If you need to switch from one classroom to another, just click on “this is not my class” and enter the correct user name depending on the classroom. Next, have your child find their name or symbol on the chart and click on that symbol.

    4. The books at your child’s reading level and stars earned appear on a personal assignment page. Your child should listen to, read, AND take a quiz (if their is one) by clicking on the symbols below each book. They should do all three things BEFORE moving on to the next book. They can choose books in any order.

    Remember, the more your child reads, the better reader he or she will become!

    If you have any questions about how to access the site or what your child should do, please let me know.