Classroom Procedures

  • Classroom and School Procedures


    Attendance Hotline

    To report an absence, please call the 24-Hour Attendance Hotline at 847-838-8181. Please do not call my school phone number to report an absence because it does not ring during the school day and I may not get the message in time. Please let the office staff know and they will inform me.

    Transportation Changes

    If you are planning to pick up your child from school, please send a note with your child in the morning that includes your child’s first and last name as well as the teacher’s name and the date. Including this information assists the office staff in recording the information. If you forget to send a note in the morning, you can call Hillcrest’s main office at 847-838-8001 to let the office staff know that you are going to pick up your child from school. Then they will inform me of the transportation change.


    Please help your child bring a fruit or vegetable snack every day. You can find ideas for snacks on the Hillcrest Health office webpage. We do not have a set snack time. I allow the students to keep the snack out on their desk and it eat when they're hungry and working at their seats. Please send snacks that are healthy and easy for your child to open, eat, and clean up independently. We try to encourage children to use reusable containers to promote our “Green” philosophy here at Hillcrest.

    Lunch/Milk Money

    When your child’s lunch account balance is low, the office staff will send home a reminder note with a blue lunch money envelope. When you send money for lunch to school, please make sure the lunch money envelope is labeled with your child’s first and last name as well as the teacher’s name. Please contact Hillcrest’s office 847-838-8001 with any questions regarding lunch.

    Take Home Folders

    Your child’s Take Home Folder serves as an important link between home and school. On the left side of the folder, you will find your child’s monthly behavior calendar that will travel back and forth to school in the folder. On the right side, you will find school newsletters, announcements, school work, lunch money envelopes, and so forth. It is your child’s responsibility to bring the folder home and back to school the next day. There may be some nights your child will not have any papers to bring home, but we want to keep your child in the routine of bringing the folder home and returning it to school each day. Please take the time to review the contents of the folder with your child each day. This daily routine can serve as a springboard for discussions about your child’s day at school.

    Behavioral Procedures

    In your child's take home folder is a behavior calendar (starting in October). Each day your child will color the box indicating their behavior for the day. Your child will begin the day on green (ready to learn) and will have the opportunity to move up when displaying exemplary behavior, or down, if they are not making good choices. Students will have the opportunity to improve their behavior throughout the day and move up from any of the colors. Additionally, if they are not making good choices, they can move back down. When students reach Outstanding!, we will recognize them as a whole class and they will get to add a gem to their clip! Filled clips go in a special place for all to see! Any student on yellow, orange, or red at the end of the day, will receive a “fix-it” form noting what choices they could have made to be more safe, respectful and responsible. Please discuss what happened with your child and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. This form should be signed and returned to me the next day. If a child receives 3 or more fix-it forms in a short amount of time, they will be referred to Mr. Shepard.


    Each year, the students brainstorm our classroom rules so that we can be safe, respectful and responsible. 

    Here are the 2018-2019 Classroom Rules! (check back later)



    If a student isn't following one of the above rules they will get 2 warnings. A 3rd warning will require them to move their clip down on our behavior chart.

    The behavior colors are:


    If you have any questions about our procedures or behavior policy, please feel free to contact me!