Classroom Procedures

  • Attendance Hotline

    To report an absence, please call the 24-Hour Attendance Hotline at 847-838-8181.  Please do not call my school phone number to report an absence because it does not ring during the school day and I may not get the message in time.  Please let the office staff know, and they will inform me.  


    Take Home Folders

    Your child’s Take Home Folder serves as an important link between home and school. Please write your child’s name on the folder. Inside you will find weekly newsletters, announcements, graded papers, lunch money envelopes, and so forth.  It is your child’s responsibility to bring their folder home and back to school the next day.  There may be some nights your child will not have any papers to bring home. Please take the time to review the contents of the folder with your child each day.  This daily routine can serve as a foundation for discussions about your child’s day at school.


    Transportation Changes

    If you are planning to pick up your child from school, please send a note with your child in the morning (in their take home folder) that includes your child’s first and last name as well as the teacher’s name.  Including this information assists the office staff in recording the information.  If you forget to send a note in the morning, you can call Hillcrest’s main office at 847-838-8601 to let the office staff know that you are going to pick up your child from school on that day.  They will then inform me of the transportation change.


    We will be eating a snack every day. The school has adopted a fruits and/or veggie snack policy. Snacks such as apples, bananas, grapes, or carrots have been great choices in the past. Please make sure your child can easily open the snack. If your child brings a snack other than fruits or vegetables, it will have to be sent back home. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation with this policy.


    Birthdays are important milestones for children and many families choose to note this event by sending items to school to share with their child's classmates. Parents may recognize birthdays at school in ways that do not involve food items. Some examples include providing non-edible goodie bags filled with trinkets for the class such as pencils, erasers, stickers, etc. Another idea is purchasing a gift for the classroom that your child can unwrap in front of the class (such as puzzles, books, card games, or a board game) that we can enjoy during inside recess and Fun Friday. Birthday food items, such as cupcakes, will no  longer be distributed at school.

    -         If you are having a birthday party for your child outside of school, please plan to mail out party invitations. Per school policy, birthday party invitations cannot be passed out at school. I appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

    -         Summer birthdays will be celebrated in the month of May.  A reminder will be sent home when that time comes.


    Lunch/Milk Money

    When your child’s account balance is low, a reminder note with a blue lunch money envelope will come home in your child’s take home folder. Please make sure the lunch money envelope is labeled with your child’s first and last name as well as the teacher’s name.  The envelope will then be brought to the office that morning and the monies will be placed into your child’s account in time for lunch that day. Please contact Hillcrest’s office 847-838-8001 with any questions regarding lunch.