• In January/February of each year, students identified as English Learners participate in a nationwide annual assessment called ACCESS 2.0. This assessment measures the language proficiency level (PL) of students in the areas of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. The assessment takes place in January of each year.

    Kindergarten - ACCESS 2.0 is paper-based and administered one-on-one with students.

    Grades 1-3 - ACCESS 2.0 is computer-based for Listening, Speaking and Reading. Writing is paper-based.

    Grades 4-5 - ACCESS 2.0 is computer-based for all areas of language including Writing.

    In all grade levels, the criteria for exiting English Learner services are 4.8 Overall Proficiency Level.

    In 2017, WIDA has increased the rigor or demands of this language proficiency test. More information can be found at:

    As always, you can contact me directly with any questions about this assessment.