• Language for Learning -

    Language for Learning is a direct-instruction curriculum that helps to develop listening and speaking skills in all students, but is especially good for our youngest English Learners.
    Focus of the program are prepositions (location words), pronouns, word endings, and phrasing (present tense and past tense). Along with this, EL's learn useful vocabulary and object identification which helps develop their background knowledge. This knowledge is designed to help your child increase their success in the larger classroom setting.

    All pictures are full color and the children really develop their ability to listen, speak and follow directions. I do supplement this learning with additional language-based activities as needed.

    (Grades K-1)

    Language for Writing -

    The mechanics of writing includes grammar, punctuation, sentence-writing, and paragraph structure. Language for Writing provides this direct instruction that students can immediately use in the larger classroom setting. While writing skills are it's focus, students are required to read, so there is a reading part to this instruction as well.

    (Grades 2-3)

    Grades 4-5 -
    The language support for Grades 4 and 5 will vary based on student need. This might include direct language instruction to develop listening and speaking skills in English, or reading and writing support within the classroom curriculum. Additional resources might include Reading A-Z for English Learners, Language of Math and Language for Thinking. We work continuously to help develop background knowledge and support our English Learners through Grade 5 as appropriate for individual students.