My Resources

  • There are several websites I receive information from .... these are great tools to use

    Colorín Colorado - ( - This is a weekly newsletter that provides topics of interest about and for English Language Learners. There is also a Spanish version.

    Reading Rockets - - Many useful topics to help readers of all levels succeed.



    There are two types of language all of us use: Academic and Social. Social language is language we use when interacting with family or friends. Academic language is language we use in the classroom; this the area of language I work to develop with your child. Within academic language, there are four areas: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing, which extend across all subjects of our curriculum.

    Sometimes I get questions from parents about what their child and I do together. When we have a child who is actively processing more than one language, my job is to ensure that child has equitable access to our curriculum. This means small group work through pull-out, or I might push-in to their larger classroom. Your child's classroom teacher and I work together to be sure language is not hindering your child's classroom learning.

    There is also information on our state website to help with understanding Multilingual Learning.



    One of my wonderful parents recently shared a great website. On it was a story written in English and Russian, although there is a lot in Spanish too. Here is a link to read about the site:

    The site address is: