Use Auditory Bombardment at Home!

  • Auditory Bombardment


    Auditory Bombardment is an evidence/research based therapy procedure that Hillcrest speech language pathologists use on a regular basis to enhance phonological/sound awareness. Now you can use this technique at home too! Using Auditory Bombardment at home will increase your child's rate of sound development as well as increase rate of generalization into conversational speech.


    What is it?

    It involves children listening to amplified (through headphones) target words. It provides children with intensified, repeated, systematic exposure to phonological or articulation targets.

    How can I use it?

    First, ask your child's SLP what sound targets would be appropriate to use. Then, find the audio file (listed on the sub page to your left) , and  play it for your child. It is best if your child listens to the audio file through headphones. Choose a time of day that works best for your family (before dinner, before bed, etc.), and play the file everyday at that time (Monday - Friday).

    Extended activities: You may also talk about the sound with your child after listening to the audio file. Talk about how we make the sound with our tongue and what it sounds like. Practice saying a few words from the audio file list. You can choose one of the words and draw a picture of it or go on a treasure hunt in your home to find it.