Practice Sounds At Home

  • Practice at Home!


    Practicing speech sounds with your child will greatly improve the rate of speech sound acquisition as well as improve your child’s ability to generalize speech sounds that are learned in the therapy room, into the classroom and home setting. 


    Practicing speech sounds, at home, is fairly easy! Click on the files below to find picture cards with your child's target speech sounds. If you do not know what sounds your child is working on, ask your SLP!


    Talk about how to make the sound, practice the sound in isolation (e.g. say "SH"), and then practice saying the sound in words (e.g. say "shoe"). You may find it helpful to model correct production and/or use a mirror so your child can see how to produce the sound. The visual and verbal cues that we use in the therapy room are posted under the subpage to your left! Use these documents to help you talk about the sound and see how it is produced.


    **If your child is unable to produce the words easily, just read them aloud and have your child listen or have your child listen to our Auditory Bombardment Audio Files!


    **If your child can produce the words very easily, practice the target words within short phrases or sentences (e.g. I see a SHELL).


    You will also see a file for games and other ideas for "fun" at home practice.

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