Social Language Curriculum


    Our social language lessons are implemented within the instructional 1/2, kindergarten and preschool classrooms.

    Our social language lessons are co-taught by a speech language pathologist and a school social worker.

    To many children , social skills pose greater challenges than academics! These social skills activities are designed to help elementary-aged students use language to succeed in the social realm. Some skills we target include; Introducing yourself, asking for help, listening, solving a problem, asking a friend to join in, giving a compliment, showing interest in others, understanding and recognizing body language, making appropriate comments, understanding feelings and starting, exchanging and ending a conversation.

    We utilize video modeling (with iPads) to give instant feedback and engage students in role-playing!

    Check out the files below to see what we've been up to! Get ideas on how to improve your student's social language skills at home!  

    NEWS: This year we held our first "Oscar Party"! Parents, administration, teachers and fellow students got a chance to see our videos on the big screen, and our students earned an "Oscar" for their best social/language skill!

    View Photos From Our Party!


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