Practice Answering WH Questions at Home!

  • Answering WH Questions
    What, Who, Where, When and Why

    Many young children demonstrate difficulty answering Wh questions with a complete and appropriate response. Use the worksheets, listed at the bottom of the page, as a way to practice the different question forms at home.

    If these questions seem hard for your child to answer:

    1. Give your child 2 choices, and see if they can pick the correct answer

    2. See if your child can point to the picture first, then model the correct answer for them.

    3. Give your child the answer, have them repeat after you.

    If these questions seem too easy for your child to answer:

    1. Try mixing up all the pictures and asking different questions each time.

    2. Try to ask more questions about the same picture (e.g. "what do we do with a hammer?", "what could you build with a hammer?", "what does  hammer look like?", etc.).

    3. Read a book with your child. Stop after each page and ask questions about what you just read, about the people, places and things you see. Ask questions about what happened, what is happening, and what is going to happen.

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