• hurricash

    What is "Hurri-cash"?

    "Hurri-cash" is an individual recognition of a positive behavior that the student displayed. "Hurri-cash" can be given by any staff member. “Hurri-cash" are accumulated to earn rewards, which may be given individually and/or for an entire class.  

    How are “Hurri-cash” used by students?

    Our goal for the beginning of the year is for each child to earn two “Hurri-cash” by the Friday of each week. In Kindergarten and First Grade - if students are able to earn their two “Hurri-cash” they will be able to pick a prize from the prize box. 

    All students will also have the opportunity to make purchases from our Hurri-cash store once a month when the store is open. Students will use a store menu to place an order for the item(s) they wish to purchase. They will attach the correct amount of Hurri-cash to their order form, and a team of parent and student volunteers will fill orders and return student purchases to them by the end of the day.