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    Be Safe • Be Respectful • Be Responsible


    Purpose Statement

    PBIS will provide a proactive and positive educational environment in which all those who enter feel a sense of belonging and community. Hillcrest Elementary School will be a place where children are able to learn and achieve at high levels academically because the expectations of safe, respectful, and responsible behavior will be taught and then reinforced through the use of clear and common language by all staff.   

    Hillcrest Elementary School will:

    • Teach and reinforce positive school behavior to follow school rules
    • Create a predictable environment and use consistent language, interventions, and consequences
    • Promote a positive school climate with shared responsibility among all staff
    • Develop the relationship among our school, parents, and community
    • Promote a safe environment, responsible learners, and respectful students



    The PBIS Universal Team:

    Tier 1 U-Team

    Holly Kaprosy, Principal

    Allison Waller, Assistant Principal

    Co-Chairs Jennifer Kalmus, Internal Coach, 3rd Grade Teacher and Debora Johnson, Special Education Teacher

    Darlene Boyd, 2nd Grade Teacher

    Emily Piehl, 4th Grade Teacher

    Josalyn Reed, 5th Grade Teacher

    Kristan Owens, 1st Grade Teacher

    Rebecca Reidenga, SLP Teacher

    Jean Linder, Interventionist

     Becky Ingrum, Gifted Teacher

    Jack Dudley, Strings Teacher

    Jen Tiddens, LMC 

    Judy Keyser, Para- Professional

    Lisa Martin, Para-Professional

    Rachel Brown, Para-Professiona

    Kathy Allen, ELL 



    The PBIS Tier 2 Team: 

    Allison Waller, Assistant Principal

    Aiyanna Emsun, Internal Coach, Music Teacher

    Christina Bryk, Social Worker

    Ellen Phillips, School Psychologist

    Jean Linder, Interventionist

    Laura Fanella, Kindergarten Teacher

    Eleanor Murphy, Speech Pathologist

    Mandi DeMartini, Special Education Teacher

    Samantha Schott, PLTW Teacher

    Rachel Brown - Para-Professional

    What is PBIS?

    PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports.  The program is used as a means of encouraging positive behavior throughout the school. Students are encouraged to be safe, respectful and responsible.  When students are observed behaving in this manner, they can receive a PAW.  The students then have an opportunity once a month to visit the PAWS Store to purchase various items with the PAWS earned.

    Why use PBIS?

    PBIS is a wonderful behavior program that is used in many schools throughout the United States. The program is based on rewarding students for their good choices, in order to promote positive behavior throughout the school climate.