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     Mrs. Fauser's News

    School & Classroom Rules:

    Be respectful, Be responsible, and Be safe

    Letters U & V (writing, eye spying, recognizing)

    Intro activities-morning announcements, calendar, StarFall

    Songs-Jack Hartmann Letters songs, Jack Hartmann Counting to 10 song, Days of the Week song, Months of the Year Song, GoNoodle, Jack Hartmann Letter Workout, Jack Hartmann CVC Words

    Books-Tacky the Penguin

    Math-composition/decomposition with number bonds

    Science/SS-Scholastic News, Mystery Science, Second Step (empathy)

    Writing-name writing, letter writing, sentence writing using HF words

    High Frequency Words- I, see, the, am, like, to, a, my, we, make, he, is, have, my, we, make, for, me, she, look, are, of, that, they, you, do, one, two, three, four, five, here, go, from, yellow, blue, green, what, said, was, where

    Educational Games Learned-StarFall, DoodleBuddy, RazKids, Lexia, ST Math (aka Gigi)

    Ipads-learning how to use them, practicing games on them, getting into SeeSaw via Class Link (remember no QR code is needed anymore)


    -The children will be learning about centers and how they are run.  They will practice working independently, working in small groups, using inside voices, asking others for help first then me, rotating, etc.  As the school year goes on, they will become more independent.  
    -Centers is an independent time for the students to be completing the work given to them while I am working with individual students or small groups of students.  During this time, the children are asked to stay at that center until I ring the bell.  Our centers include; Listen to Reading, Read to Self, Read to Someone, Computers, Art, Library, Word Work, I-Pads, Play, Math, and Work on Writing.
    -REMOTE PBIS REWARDS-Log into ClassLink.  Find the PBIS Rewards app.  On Fridays after school, your child can go into the SCHOOL STORE and buy prizes with the points they have earned.  If they choose to use all of their points, they may OR they can save their points to buy something bigger :) 
    Happy Shopping!!
    -Our school participates in a school wide behavior system.  The students all learned about being safe, respectful, & responsible.  If they follow the 3 rules then they can earn a Petty Paw. If they earn 3 Paws they will get to choose a prize from our classroom prize box at the end of the week.  Please feel free to use this type of incentive at home :)
    -Throughout the school year, we all discuss bullying. A bully is someone who does something or says something or does a variety of things not nice things repeatedly.  We've given examples of someone who's a bully and someone who's just being mean or disrespectful.   We've talked about what to do if they ever come across a bully. 
    First you tell them to STOP.  If that doesn't work, you WALK away.  If that doesn't work, they need to TALK to an adult they can trust.  All classrooms are discussing this with their students and we each have our own posters which reminds the children what to do.  Please feel free to discuss this at home!
    -Please have your child keep ALL his/her jewelry, toys, dress up items, etc. at home.  I have discussed this with your children and told them that these are a HUGE distraction and they could get lost.  If they come to school with these items, I will ask them to put them in their back packs.
    -Please have your child leave a pair of PE shoes at school.
    -Bring back library books prior to library days.
    -Return homework by the due date or if its stamped with a Homework stamp (Note: some papers may come home without a stamp, please just complete for extra practice)
    -Return any school/classroom orders by the due date

    Things to Practice:
    -writing your FIRST name the proper way
    -writing/recognizing numbers 0-10, 11-20
    -recognizing letters and sounds
    -sounding out/reading CVC words (ex. cat, bug, dot, kit, bed)
    -recognizing high frequency words 
    -writing sentences & using inventive spelling (ex. bug-bg; snowball-snobl)
    -counting objects to 20
    -counting out loud to 60
    -recognizing 2D shapes (square, circle, triangle, rectangle, hexagon)
    -recognizing 3D shapes (cube, cone, cylinder, sphere)
    -tying your shoes, buttoning/snapping your jackets/pants, zipping your jackets/pants
    -READ, READ, READ!  Even if you're not ready to read the words, you can READ the pictures to tell the story or retell a story in your own words
    -Check out JACK HARTMANN on YouTube for shapes, counting, letters, CVC words, Months of the Year.  The kids LOVE it! :)
    Important Dates:
    No School-Remote Planning Day                       1/22