Physical Education

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    PR Informatonal Flyer

    Physical Education: Goals and learning standards and overview of class

    Physical and cognitive learning--participation, effort, skill development, understanding and following the rules of the unit(s)

    Social Emotional learning--following safety guidelines, following directions, good sportsmanship, attitude towards others, social interactions


    Students are involved in 2 units simultaneously in PE. Monday and Tuesday they focus on one unit. Wednesdays are "fitness days" where we focus on conditioning as a large group. examples of activities include--run/walk; relays; circuit training; pacer, etc... Thursday and Friday they rotate to unit two. Students will also have the opportunity to monitor fitness levels and set goals through fitness assessments and by using heart rate monitors. 


    During the course of the school year we cover many  units in PE. Some examples of these include basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, soccer, badminton, lacrosse, softball, and fitness games of many varieties.