Look Listen Link Curriculum

  • Look Listen Link

    LOOK LISTEN LINK is an evaluated, classroom-based prevention curriculum geared for students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.

    LOOK LISTEN LINK aims to teach students not only facts about stress, anxiety, depression, and suicide prevention, but also practical life skills to help a friend who may be struggling with these issues.

    Results showed that as a result of the lessons, students:

    • were significantly more knowledgeable about stress and depression; and
    • felt much more comfortable in their ability to talk with depressed friends and link them to a trusted adult.

    bpiLOOK LISTEN LINK is the the first middle-school level suicide prevention program in the nation earning “Best Practice” status from the Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC). A listing on SPRC’s Best Practices Registry means that the curriculum has been rigorously reviewed and passed federal standards.


    The Lessons: 

    LOOK LISTEN LINK consists of four 45-minute lessons, designed for middle school teachers to easily embed in their health, social skills, or family life curricula during the school year. Students engage in interactive exercises, classroom discussions, role-play practice and observation through the accompanying DVD.

    Lesson 1: STRESS and ANXIETY

    Gives students a framework for how STRESS and ANXIETY impact their lives and how they can relieve stress in some simple ways

    Lesson 2:  DEALING with STRESS and ANXIETY

    Provides students with a deeper understanding of healthy ways to deal with stress and anxiety and allows them to explore how to help a friend who is under a lot of stress


    Gives students a complete picture of how teens experience depression and how to address the issue in their friends


    Introduces facts about the warning signs for suicide and emphasizes how to help a friend by using the skills of looking and listening for those warning signs and linking a friend to a trusted adult