Ann Marie's Law

  • Ann Marie's Law

    Ann Marie Blaha was an 11 year old student in District 135 in Orland, Il. In June 2013 she committed suicide after 2 classmates allegedly used fake “catfish” personals on social medial to persuade her to commit suicide.

    Two years after her tragic death, school boards across Illinois are being required to implement a suicide prevention and training policy in hopes that youth suicide rates decrease across the state. The legislation, AnnMarie’s Law, was enacted into law Aug. 21, nearly two months after Gov. Bruce Rauner received the policy, then known as Senate Bill 1793.

    Senate Bill 1793:
    Requires the State Board of Education to (i) develop a model youth suicide awareness and prevention policy; (ii) compile, develop, and post on its Internet website recommended guidelines and educational materials for professional educator training and recommended resources and age-appropriate educational materials on youth suicide awareness and prevention; and (iii) develop a model youth suicide awareness and prevention curriculum and make such curriculum available to all school districts and, upon request, to nonpublic schools. Requires each school board to (i) adopt an age-appropriate youth suicide awareness and prevention policy and (ii) require 4 hours of training in youth suicide awareness and prevention every 5 years for professional educators in school buildings serving students in any of grades 6 through 12. Effective immediately.