7th Grade Health

  • -          Glencoe McGraw-Hill Teen Health Textbook – topics include:

    o   Chapter 9 -  Nutrition:  Nutrients Your Body Needs; Creating a Healthful Eating Plan; Managing Your Weight; Body Image and Eating Disorders

    o   Chapter 13 – Body Systems:  Your Nervous System; Your Digestive and Excretory Systems; Your Endocrine System

    o   Chapter 14 – Tobacco:  Facts about Tobacco; Health Risks of Tobacco Use; Tobacco Addiction; Costs to Society; Saying No to Tobacco

    o   Chapter 15 – Alcohol:  Alcohol Use and Teens; Effects of Alcohol Use; Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse; Getting Help for Alcohol Abuse

    o   Chapter 16 – Drugs:  Drug Use and Abuse; Types of Drugs and Their Effects; Staying Drug Free

    o   Chapter 17 – Using Medicines Wisely:  Types of Medicines; How Medicines Affect Your Body; Using Medicines Correctly

    o   Chapter 19 – Noncommunicable Diseases:  Noncommunicable Diseases; Cancer; Heart and Circulatory Problems; Diabetes and Arthritis; allergies and Asthma

    -          Expectations:

    o   Students are expected to show up to class on time.

    o   Students are expected to turn in assignments and finish projects on time.

    o   Students are expected to participate during classroom activities and discussions.

    o   Students are expected to be an effective member of a team during group work.

    -          Grading: Weekly in-class assignments and Assessments

    §  This is a point’s based class. Final grades are based on the total amount of points students are able to achieve.

    §  Total points come from:

    o   Writing, reading, guided notes, worksheets, activities

    o   Active learning projects

    o   Group Work

    o   Unit tests and quizzes