Helpful Websites

  • Conjuguemos:  I put vocabulary quizzes and grammar practice activities on this webpage.  German 7 activities start with "D7" and German 8 activities start with "D8".  There are also lots of new games to play!

    Students' log-in is "firstname_lastname" (all lowercase) and password is "augsgerman" (all lowercase) (passwords can be changed once they log-in).  For example:

       Username:  nicole_anderson

       Password:  augsgerman

    Students can also use a generic log-in.  

       Username:  Deutschklasse2016

       Password:  augsgerman

    Duolingo:  This is a fantastic website for students starting to learn German!  And, it's free!  You can use the website or the app (I have the app for Spanish and it is a great tool!)
    BeoLingus:  Online dictionary 
    Leo:  Online dictionary
    deutsche Welle:  German news in English
    Tagesschau:  German news in German
    Check Eins:  German children's TV shows and programs
    Step Into German:  Website about German culture!