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German 8

  • Class Description
    German 8 is a year-long Encore course.  At the end of the year students will be able to speak conversationally in German, feel comfortable using only German in class and be able to give presentations in German.  German 7 is a prerequisite for German 8.  At the end of German 8 students will be placed into German II at ACHS or Lakes with teacher recommendation.
    Assignments, projects, class handouts can be found in Dropbox.
    We will cover a variety of topics, including:


    • Unit 1:  Review of German 7 Units
    • Unit 2:  Weather, Geography and Animals
    • Unit 3:  Shopping in Germany
    • Unit 4:  Living in Germany
    • Unit 5: Book: Das kleine ich bin ich (hopefully!)
    Within units students will work on their research and presentational skills, cultural awareness and knowledge of world geography and world history.
    Students will be graded on:
    • Projects 50%

    • Participation 20%

    • Quizzes 20%

    • Homework 10%