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German 6

  • This week in German 6 (12. Mar - 16. Mar)
    • Students will continue to work on the German alphabet and pronunciation of words
    • Learn and practice German numbers 1-30
    • Start a cultural research project
    • HMWK:  Pronunciation practice (due on Tuesday), Math problems (due on Thursday) and Numbers Study Check (due on Tues, March 20th) 
    Class Description
    German 6 is a twelve-week Encore course.  It is an introductory class - students get a "taste" of German.  You can take German 6 in Trimester 1, 2 or 3.  At the end of the trimester you will be able to:
    • Recite the alphabet
    • Ask and answer introductory questions
    • Count to 30 (at least)
    • Name the days of the week, some food, colors and body parts
    • State likes and dislikes using (nicht) gern haben
    • Explain noun gender and learn a few tricks for remembering noun gender
    • Use/understand the verbs heißen, haben and sein

    You will be graded on:
    • Participation 20%

    • Quizzes 20%

    • Projects 50% (Projects are accepted up to one week late)

    • Homework 10% (Late homework is always accepted with no penalty)