• 8th Grade Physical Education

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  • Be Responsible 

    Be on time

    Lock your locker

    Pay loaner fees on time

    Leave electronics in hall locker

    Check your grades regularly

    Ask for permission to leave the gym

  • Be Respectful  

    Speak appropriately

    Keep hands and feet to yourself

    Help set-up and clean-up

    Have good sportsmanship

    Be positive & encouraging

    Respect people's space and privacy

  • Be Safe 

    Throw away gum

    Keep hands and feet to yourself

    Use equipment appropriately

    Use equipment safely

    Report injuries or problems immediately

  • Curriculum Information

    8th Grade Units Fitness Testing, Field Hockey, Basketball, Team Handball, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, and others depending on time/weather.

    Fitness Days develop specific areas of fitness, and are typically on Mondays and Wednesdays. Activities include running, station/circuit training, stretching, etc.

    Grades are based on students abilities to meet national and state P.E. standards. Putting forth effort, following directions, displaying positive sportsmanship, and participating safely will ensure we are able to assess you accurately and appropriately. National and state PE standards can be found below.

    Heart Rate Monitoring The Heart Zones System is fitness technology software which has data driven programs that engage, assess, and motivate physical activity using wearables. The Heart Zones System provides the opportunity for objective assessment and personalized programs. By using heart rate and zone training to level the playing field, physical educators are able to truly assess student health and fitness.

  • Fitness Testing

    District 34 uses FitnessGram for all our fitness testing. Fitness tests include the PACER, one mile run, push-up test, curl-up test, and sit-n-reach test. Fitness testing is completed in the fall and spring.  As a department, our goal is to increase the number of students that meet the Healthy Fitness Zone standards by the end of the year. During P.E., we include exercises and activities that are geared towards muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility to help improve students’ HFZ scores.

    Click here for more information about FitnessGram.

    Click here for FitnessGram Healthy Fitness Zone Performance Standards.

  • Physical Education Uniforms

    PE uniforms must be worn on a daily basis.  New uniforms are $10 per shirt and $10 per pair of shorts. Used uniforms are $3 per shirt and $3 per pair of shorts.  Athletic shoes must be worn.  All jewelry should be removed.

    If students forget their uniform they may borrow a loaner uniform.  Loaner uniforms are 25 cents each piece, per day.  Fees are due by Friday of the week they borrowed. 

  • Medical Exemptions

    Parent notes are good for 2 days.  Students will still dress in their PE uniform, but will complete an alternative assignment or activity. If after 2 days students still cannot participate in PE they must have a doctor's note or a confirmed doctor's appointment.

    Medical notes will depend on doctor's orders.  Students will not dress in their uniform, but will also complete an alternative assignment or activity.