• STEM

     EVERY DAY IN CLASS: folder or binder and notebook, later weird things will be asked for!!!

    In this class we explore science and engineering with technology and hands on building.  This includes using Invention, a CAD program to model and create.  In Medical Detectives we dissect and also study Medical problems and do Crime scene investigations

    There is a moderate amount of projects and activities, which are the student’s responsibility.  Most of the projects will have class time for work.  However, the first project takes some at home time. You can check for grades in Powerschool.  Student progress and responsibility is important to me.  Respect is also very important as this can be a challenging class for many students.

    The 12 week class is divided into the following:

    Design and Modeling

    Week One and Two: Engineering Information       

    Week Three and Four:  Measuring precisely in metric

    Week Five and Six: Beginning Inventor/CAD

    Week Seven and Eight: Small  Model Buildings and use of Inventor

    Week Nine-Eleven: Creating a design for client, creating Models and using Inventor, /builds

    Week Twelve:  Presentations and detail build

    Medical Detectives

    Week One and Two:     Intro and research  

    Week Three and Four:  Vital signs and other medical

    Week Five and Six:  Medical Project

    Week Seven and Eight:   Basic crime

    Week Nine-Eleven:   DNA Labs

    Week Twelve:  CSI

    Class work and homework: see  PLTW website