Homework Documents

  • Welcome to the Homework Documents Page!


    Here you will find the electronic version of the textbook chapters, the Current events worksheet and other materials that you will use during the year. All daily assignments are located in the class calendar.


    Current Event worksheets are available in this section and we will learn about current events during different times of the year.


    If you cannot access this information at home, you can try:

    • Using a school, library, or classroom computer
    • Email me, I might be able to email you the assignment (Email me anyway! I like the communication and it is a good idea to tell me that you are having difficulties)


    If you do not have a printer, but would still like access and/or complete an assignment, you can try:

    • Copying and pasting the information into a word document
    • Complete the assignment by viewing the assignment on the website and writing the answers on a blank word document. Be sure to include all of the assignment information such as title, questions, etc.


    • To include your name on all of your work
    • Don't rush through the assignments and do your best
    • Be proud of what you turn in
    • Do not cheat! If you cheat, you are not believeing in yourself and giving yourself enough credit (you are better than that)!