Parent Page

  • Welcome Parents!

    Parent involvement is crucial during your child's middle school years and research shows that when parents are involved in their children's education, the children are more likely to:

    -          earn better grades

    -          score higher on tests

    -          pass their classes

    -          attend school regularly

    -          have better social skills

    -          show improved behavior

    -          be more positive in their attitude toward school

    -          complete homework assignments

    -          graduate and continue their education

    Opportunities in the classroom make a positive difference! Some of the ways that you can become personally involved in our social studies class include:

    -          Volunteering

    -          Making suggestions

    -          Contributing knowledge/expertise

    -          Providing objects/items for any classroom units, activities

    -          Chaperoning fieldtrips

    Please feel free to contact me to elaborate on any of these ideas or for any further suggestions. I look forward to hearing from you! I can be contacted at 847/838-8379 or

    To participate in involvement opportunities that encompass the entire school, an option is participating in our Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) or contact any of your child's teachers directly, we would love to have you!