• School Year 2019-2020

    Trimester 3 Week 34

    April 27-May 1-Remote Learning Week-Go to Google Classroom for your daily work.   

    Trimester 3 Week 33

    April 20-April 25-Remote Learning Week-Go to Google Classroom for your daily work.

    Trimester 3 Week 32

    April 13-April 17-Remote Learning Week-Go to Google Classroom for your daily work.

    Trimester 3 Week 31

    April 6-April 10-Remote Learning Week-Go to Google Classroom for your daily work.

    Trimester 3 Week 30

    March 30-April 3-Remote Learning Week-Go to Google Classroom for your Daily Work

    Trimester 3 Week 29

    March 23-March 27-Spring Break

    Trimester 3 Week 28

    March 16-No School

    March 17-No School-Emergency Day

    March 18-No School-Emergency Day

    March 19-No School-Emergency Day

    March 20-No School-Emergency Day

    Trimester 3 Week 27

    March 9-Peer Edit of Scienctific Argument

    March 10-Science and Engineering Practices

    March 11-Natural Selection Unit Pre-Test

    March 12-Video-Darwin

    March 13-Video-Darwin

    Trimester 3 Week 26

    March 2-No School

    March 3-Review for Earth, Moon, and Sun Unit Test

    March 4-Earth, Moon, and Sun Unit Test

    March 5-Earth, Moon, and Sun-Writing a Scientific Arguement-Chapter 4 Lessons 4.1, 4.2, 4.3

    March 6-Earth, Moon, and Sun-Writing a Scientific Argument (con't).

    Trimester 3 Week 25

    February 24-E, M, and S Chapter 3 Lesson 3.1 and 3.2

    February 25-E, M, and S Chapter 3 Lesson 3.3 and 3.4 Modified (Complete Lesson 2.7)

    February 26-E, M, and S Chapter 4 Lesson 4.1 and 4.2 Modified Go over Lesson 2.7 and work on 3.1 and 3.2

    February 27-E, M, and S Chapter 4 Lesson 4.3 Modified Begin 4.1 and 4.2

    February 28-E, M, and S Chapter 4 Lesson 4.3 continued Unit Test Next Week

    Trimester 3 Week 24

    February 17-No School

    February 18-E, M, and S Unit 2 Lesson 2.3

    February 19-E, M, and S Unit 2 Lesson 2.4-Write in Prompt in your Science Journal.

    February 20-E, M, and S Unit 2 Lesson 2.5

    February 21-E, M, and S Critical Jucture Assessment

    Trimester 2 Week 23

    February 10-Earth, Moon and Sun Pre-Assessment (Light Waves Journal Due)

    February 11-E, M, and S Unit 1 Lessons 1.2 and 1.3 Warm-ups, Activities, and HW

    February 12-E, M, and S Unit 1 Lessons 1.3 and 1.4

    February 13-E, M, and S Unit 2 Lesson 2.1 and 2.2

    February 14-E, M, and S Unit 2 Lessons 2.2 and 2.3 (Unit 1 Warm-ups, Activities, and Homework Due Today)

    Trimester 2 Week 22

    February 3-Light Waves Chapter 4 Lesson 4.2

    February 4-Holocaust Museum Field Trip

    February 5-Light Waves Final Test Review

    February 6-Light Waves Final Test

    February 7-Shortend Schedule (Celebration Day)-Final Corrections

    Trimester 2 Week 21

    January 27-Light Waves Chapter 3 Lesson 3.3

    January 28-Light Waves Chapter 3 Lesson 3.4-Mid Unit Assessment

    January 29-Light Waves Chapter 3 Lesson 3.5

    January 30-Light Waves Chapter 3 Lesson 3.6

    January 31-Light Waves Chapter 4 Lesson 4.1

    Trimester 2 Week 20

    January 20-No School

    January 21-Light Waves Chapter 2 Lesson 2.4

    January 22-Light Waves Chapter 2 Lesson 2.5

    January 23-Light Waves Chapter 3 Lesson 3.1

    January 24-Light Waves Chapter 3 Lesson 3.2

    Trimester 2 Week 19

    January 13-Light Waves Chapter 2 Lesson 2.1

    January 14-NWEA

    January 15-Light Waves Chapter 2 Lesson 2.2

    January 16-NWEA

    January 17-Light Waves Chapter 2 Lesson 2.3

    Trimester 2 Week 18

    January 6-Light Waves Pre-test

    January 7-Writing a Good Written Response Answer

    January 8-Light Waves Chapter 1 Lesson 1.2

    January 9-Light Waves Chapter 1 Lesson 1.3

    January 10-Light Waves Chapter 1 Lesson 1.4

    Trimester 2 Week 17

    December 16-Magnetic Fields Review

    December 17-Magnetic Fields Unit Assessment

    Decemebr 18-Science Enrichment Day

    December 19-Science Enrichment Day

    December 20-Science Enrichment Day

    Trimester 2 Week 16

    December 9-Magnetic Fields Chapter 3 Lesson 3.2

    December 10-Magnetic Fields Chapter 3 Lesson 3.3

    December 11-Magnetic Fields Chapter 3 Lesson 3.4

    December 12-Magnetic Fields Chapter 4 Lesson 4.1

    December 13-Magnetic Fields Chapter 4 Lesson 4.2

    Trimester 2 Week 15

    December 2-Magnetic Fields Chapter 2 Lesson 2.2

    December 3-Magnetic Fields Chapter 2 Lesson 2.3

    December 4-Magnetic Fields Chapter 2 Lesson 2.4

    December 5-Magnetic FieldsChapter 3 Lesson 3.1

    December 6-Magnetic Fields-Class Activity

    Trimester 2 Week 14

    November 18-Magnetic Fields Chapter 1 Lesson 1.5

    November 19-Magnetic Fields Chapter 1 Lesson 1.6

    November 20-Magnetic Fields Chapter 2 Lesson 2.1

    November 21-Magnetic Fields Chapter 2 Lesson 2.2 and 2.3 Leeson Moved to After Break

    November 22-Magnetic Fields Chapter 2 Lesson 2.4 Lesson Moved to After Break

    Trimester 2 Week 13

    November 11-Engineering Internship Proposal-Peer Edit Day

    (Due Tuesday)

    November 12-Pre-test on Amplify for the Magnitic Fields Unit Chap 1 Lesson 1.1

    November 13-Magnetic Fields Chapter 1 Lesson 1.2

    November 14-Magnetic Firelds Chapter 1 Lesson 1.3

    November 15-Magnetic Fields Chapter 1 Lesson 1.4

    Trimester 2 Week 12

    November 4-Force and Motion Engineering Internship Day 6

    November 5-Force and Motion Engineering Internship Day 7

    November 6-Force and Motion Engineering Internship Day 8

    November 7-Force and Motion Engineering Internship Day 9

    November 8-Force and Motion Engineering Internship Day 10

    Trimester 1 Week 11

    October 28-Force and Motion Engineering Internship Day 1

    October 29-Force and Motion Engineering Internship Day 2

    October 30-Force and Motion Engineering Internship Day 3

    October 31-Force an Motion Engineering Internship Day 4

    November 1-Force and Motion Engineering Internship Day 5

    Trimester 1 Week 10

    October 21-Force and Motion Chapter 4 Lesson 4.1

    October 22-Force and Motion Chapter 4 Lesson 4.2

    October 23-Force and Motion Chapter 4 Lesson 4.3

    October 24-Force and Motion Unit Assessment

    October 25-Force and Motion Unit Assessment-Formative Assessment

    Trimester 1 Week 9

    October 14-No School

    October 15-Force and Motion Chapter 3 Lesson 3.4

    October 16-Extra Credit Work-Google Classroom-Videos

    October 17-Corn Maze ar Richardson's

    October 18-Class Rotations

    Trimester 1 Week 8

    October 7-Force and Motion Chapter 2 Lesson 2.5 Review

    October 8-Force and Motion Chapter 2 Lesson 2.5 In Class Activity

    October 9-Force and Motion Chapter 3 Lesson 3.1 Active Reading (Collisions)

    October 10-Force and Motion Chapter 3 Lesson 3.2

    October 11-PSAT at Antioch High School for District 117

    Trimester 1 Week 7

    September 30-Force and Motion Chapter 1 Lesson 1.6

    October 1-Force and Motion Chapter 2 Lesson 2.1

    October 2-Force and Motion Chapter 2 Lesson 2.2

    October 3-Force and Motion Chapter 2 Lesson 2.3

    October 4-Force and Motion Chapter 2 Lesson 2.4


    Trimester 1 Week 6:

    September 23-Unit Pre-test Force and Motion-No Homework

    September 24-Force and Motion Chapter 1 Unit 1.2 Describing Changes in Motion

    September 25-Force and Motion Chapter 1 Unit 1.3 Investigating Direction of Force

    September 26-Force and Motion Chapter 1 Unit 1.4 Explaining Force and Velocity

    September 27-Force and Motion Lesson 1 Unit 1.5 Force Strength and Velocity Change


    Trimester 1 Week 5:

    September 16-Amplify Science-HHE Chapter 3-3.1 Discussing Energy Systems

    September 17-NWEA Reading

    September 18-HHE Chapter 3.2

    September 19-HHE Chapter 3.3

    September 20-HHE End of Unit Assessment.

    Trimester 1 Week 4:

    September 9-Amplify Science-Harnessing Human Energy Chapter 2: The Rescue Teams Energy Needs: 2.1 Investigating Energy Claims (Using the Reasoning Tool) .   Journal Check on Friday

    September 10: Harnessing Human Energy Chapter 2: The Rescue Teams Energy Needs: 2.2 Evaluating Energy Needs

    September 11: Harnessing Human Energy Chapter 2: The Rescue Teams Energy Needs: 2.3 Writing Scientific Arguments

    September 12: NWEA Testing Day

    September 13: HHE: Chapter 3: Designing an Energy Solution: 3.1 Reading about Energy Systems (Journal Check Today

    Trimester 1 Week 3:

    September 2-No School-Labor Day

    September 3-Introduction to Amplify Science-Harnessing Human Energy Lesson 1.1 (In class activities and Homework) What is energy?

    September 4-Harnessing Human Energy Lesson 1.2 (In class activities and Homework) Investigating Energy Claims

    September 5-Harnessing Human Energy Lesson 1.3 (In class activities and Homework) Kenetic and Potential Energy

    September 6-Harnessing Human Energy Lesson 1.4 (In class activities and Homework) Energy Inventions


    Trimester 1 Week 2:

    August 26: Science Journal Set Up-create pages and Tabs for the science journal-to be kept in class.

    August 27: Science Safety-Create a possitive poster supporting science safety. Google Classroom Login information provided today. Last day to change you screen profile on the I-Pad.

    August 28: Safety Poster Workday 

    August 29: Safety Poster Presentations

    August 30: Safety Poster Presentations/Safety Quiz


    Trimester 1 Week 1:

    August 20: First Day of School

    August 21: Skills of a scientist-Assignment-Use 5 or more word that describe the skills of a scienctist and embed them in an image of a tool of science. Due Friday:

    August 22: Science Skill Assignment Work Day

    August 23: Class Operations Disscussion





    School Year2018-2019

    Trimester 3 Week 12:

    May 13: Human Footprint-Video

    May 14: Field Trip-A Midsummer's Night Dream

    May 15: Human Footprint-continued

    May 16: Weather Final Review

    May 17: Weather Final Test

    Trimester 3 Week 11

    May 6: Kahoot Day-Science Kahoot on Weather

    May 7: Finish Prentice Hall Notes-organizer.

    May 8: Google Classroom assignment.

    May 9: Weather Fronts and Air Masses

    May 10: Weather Conditions

    Trimester 3 Week 10"

    April 29: Cloud Types

    April 30: Quiz Review

    May 1: Quiz and Journal Check

    May 2: Go over quiz and Air Masses

    May 3: Prentice Hall Reading on Weather-Create a graphic organizer of the info. 

    Trimester 3 Week 9:

    April 22: Organizing the data for the Solar Energy Labs.

    April 23: Sharing Experiments and the. information discovered by them.

    April 24: NWEA Spring Testing

    April 25: The Water Cycle

    April 26: NWEA Spriing Testing and Celebration Day

    Trimester 3 Week 8:

    April 15: Solar Energy Lab:

    April 16: Desigining a question and Hypothesis

    April 17: Developing an Experiment to test the hypothesis.

    April 18: Experiment Day

    April 19: Experiment Day

    Trimester 3 Week 7:

    April 8: Atmospheric Layers (Reading and Model assignement in Google Classroom)

    April 9: Atmospheric Model Workday

    April 10: Atmospheric Model Workday

    April 11: Illinois Science Assessment

    April 12: Atmospheric Model-DUE Today-Self Assessment

    Trimester 3 Week 6:

    April 1: World Climates

    April 2: Climate Map

    April 3: Climate Map Due

    April 4: Climate Research-Group Presentations

    April 5: Climate Research-Group Presentations

    Trimester 3 Week 5:

    Spring Break

    Trimester 3 Week 4:

    March 18: Snarfle Island Adaptation Game

    March 19: Video-Life Write 5 characteristics of a Mammal

    March 20: Journal Check

    March 21: Living Things Wrap-up

    March 22: Special Schedule-Early Release Day.

    Trimester 3 Week 3:

    March 11: Galapagos Video

    March 12: IAR Testing

    March 13: In Class Activity-Diversity and Adaptation

    March 14: IAR Testing

    March 15: IAR Testing

    Trimester 3 Week 2:

    March 4: Data Review for Gallery Walk

    March 5: Worm Dissection Prep.

    March 6: Worm Dissection Activity

    March 7: Worm Dissection Lab Report and Quiz Review:

    March 8: Classification Quiz

    Trimester 3 Week 1:

    February 25: Phyla Exhibit Work Day

    February 26: Phyla Exhibit Work Day

    February 27: Gallery Walk and Data Collection Day

    February 28: Gallery Walk and Data Collection Day

    March 1: Class Data Review Day

    Trimester 2 Week 12:

    February 18: No School

    February 19: Simple and Complex Animal Crash Courses (Videos)

    February 20: Gallery Walk of Simple Animals

    February 21: Gallery Walk work day

    February 22: Gallery Walk-Information gathering Day (From other posters)

    Trimester 2 Week 11:

    February 11: Go over Genetics Quiz

    February 12: Create a device to remember the levels of classification of living things.Assignment: Sentence and Picture Due on Wednesday.

    February 13: Kingdoms of Living Things-Characteristics Breakdown-Mini Booklet Creation

    February 14: Kingdom Booklet Workday

    February 15: Kingdom Booklet Workday

    Trimester 2 Week 10:

    February 4: Continue working on Genetics Project 10 Feature Creature

    February 5: Genetics Project workday

    February 6: Genetics Project workday

    February 7: Genetics Quiz Review

    February 8: Genetics Quiz

    Trimester 2 Week 9:

    We had 3 snowdays this week. On the non-snowdays we began working on creating a Genetics Project-10 Feature Creature.

    Trimester 2 Week 8:

    January 21: Sciencesaurus Reading and Google Forms Questions.

    January 22: Identifying Traits

    January 23: Dominant and Recessive Traits-Acheive Articles on Genetics-complete three before the end of the trimester.

    January 24: Sexual and Asexual Reproduction

    January 25: Using Punnett Squares to predict Traits (Probability) in Sexually Reproducing Organisms.

    Trimester 2 Week 7:

    January 14: DNA,Genes and Chromosomes

    January 15: Coding and Binary Code used to help understand how DNA can make messages.

    January 16: Writing your name using a type of binary code (Morse Code)

    January 17: Changing Morse Code to DNA Sequencing Code.

    January 18: Writing your namein DNA Sequencing

    Trimester 2 Week 6:

    January 7: Fossil Arugument Essay-Choose a preservation method and defend why it is the "best" for paleontologists.

    January 8: Holocaust Museum Visit

    January 9: Fossil Essay Work/Research Day

    January 10: Fossil Essay Work/Write Day

    January 11: Fossil Essay Due-Class Discussion.

    Trimester 2 Week 5:

    January 2: DEAR DAY

    January 3: Fossil Making Activity

    January 4: Fossil Making Activity

    Trimester 2 Week 4:

    December 17: Geology Test Review

    December 18: Geology Test

    December 19: Geology Test Review

    December 20: Fun Science Day

    December 21: Shortened Schedule

    Trimester 2 Week 3:

    December 10: Student Presentations (Geologic Phenomena)HW Students collect information from other presenters.

    December 11: Presentations

    December 12: Presentations

    December 13: Final Presentations

    December 14: Journal Check and Presentation Information Due. Prepare for Unit Final (Next Wednesday, December 19)

    Trimester 2 Week 2:

    December 3: Work Day-Present plan to Mr. Godsey

    December 4: Work through the rubric to make sure all parts are included.

    December 5: Work Day

    December 6: Finalization of Presentations

    December 7: (Global Languages Field Trip)Video-on Earth's Magnetic Field.

    Trimester 2 Week 1:

    November 26: Snow Day

    November 27: The Story of Earth-Video

    November 28: The Story of Earth-Video

    November 29: Earth Science "Mini-Unit" Presentation Assignement

    November 30: Mini Unit work day-Due December 6th, Present December 10.

    Trimester 1 Week 12:

    November 19: Finish Earthquake Lab

    November 20: Rock Cycle Review

    November 21: Rock Cycle Review and Journal Check

    November 22-23: Thanksgiving

    Trimester 1 Week 11:

    November 12: Earthquakes and Waves associated with Earthquakes-Holt Science Book Reading in class for background information Pages 130-145.

    November 13: Earthquake/Epicenter Guided Notes and Presentation-(Starting the Earthquake Lab)

    November 14: Determining the Lag Time between P-waves and S-waves (Data Mining Activity)

    November 15: Triangulation Activity-(Earthquake Lab)

    November 16: Earthquake Lab Due Date-Go Over Results.

    Trimester 1 Week 10:

    November 5: ScienceSauraus reading sections 175-199-create 10 questions using the information in these sections-due Thursday

    November 6: Plate Tectonic Map-Make a diagram that shows where the 14 Tectonic Plates are located.

    November 7: Tectonic Plate Boundary Discussion-Notes

    November 8: Tectonic Plate Activity

    November 9: Geologic Time and Tectonic Plate Quiz

    Trimester 1 Week 9:

    October 29: Create your own Geologic Timeline to Scale Due Friday

    October 30: Continue your work and research for you Geologic Timeline

    October 31: Continue your work and research for you Geologic Timeline

    November 1: Continue your work and research for you Geologic Timeline-Due Friday

    November 2: Performance Assessment: Place an event(that is randomly selected)on the classroom Geologic Timeline in the appropriate: 1. Era, 2. Period, 3. 10 million year span. Discuss the significance of the events on our timelines in a class discussion.

    Trimester 1 Week 8:

    October 22: Causes of Mass Extinctions

    October 23: Causes of Mass Extinctions

    October 24: Go Over Mass Extinctions

    October 25: Video-About The World's Past/Mass Extinction

    October 26: Video Continued.

    Trimester 1 Week 7:

    October 15: Mass Extinction Research-Geologic Time

    October 16: Mass Extinction Research

    Octobet 17: Mixed Science Class Activity

    October 18: Field Trip

    October 19: Mini Activity-Mixed 8th Grade.

    Trimester 1 Week 6:

    October 8: Earth Segment Model Evaluation-Evaluate your model and at least 1 other model.

    October 9: Life on the Brink-Video Assignment-Create a viewing guide with at least 10 questions/answers?

    October 10: Beging Reaserch on Earth's Timeline

    October 11: Earth's Timeline

    October 12: Quiz-Weeks 1-5 Science Journal and class activities.

    Trimester 1 Week 5:

    October 1: Finish Convection Current Model Lab. Due Tuesday-submitted through Google Classroom.

    October 2: Collect Data about the different Layers of the Earth

    October 3: Begin Designing the Earth Segment Model.

    October 4: Work Day on Earth Segment Model. Due Friday

    October 5: Earth Segment Due-Self Evaluation: Video on Mass Extiction

    Trimester 1 Week 4:

    September 24: NWEA/Second Step

    September 25: NWEA/Second Step

    September 26: Convection Cell Observation-Prep Day

    September 27: Convection Cell Observation

    September 28: Convection Cell Observation-Summary Day

    Trimester 1 Week 3:

    September 17: Finish Lab Write up for Penny/Water Lab Due Tuesday.

    September 18: Discuss other methods for proving claims.

    September 19: How the Earth was Made -Video with viewing guide.

    September 20: How the Earth was Made continued.

    September 21: Quiz-on Safety, Lab Investigations, and Graphing.

    Trimester 1 Week 2:

    September 10: Scientist's Mind Acivity

    September 11:Personal Timeline Activity

    September 12: Science Journal (Digital or Paper)) Guidelines-Apple Schoolworks

    September 13: Penny/Water Lab Day 1

    September 14: Penny/Water Lab Day 2

    Trimester 1 Week 1

    September 4: First Day of School-Safety Pretest and Safety Contract-Due Friday

    September 5: I-Pad Set-up (Lock Screen and Background)

    September 6: "What's on the Mind of a Scientist" activity. Bring colored pencils on Friday.

    September 7: Scientist mind final project work day. Safety Contracts Due. 


    School Year 2017-18

    Trimester 3 Week 34:

    May 7: Weather Rotations-Dellutri

    May 8: Weather Rotations-Dellutri

    May 9: Weather Rotations-Dellutri

    May 10: Weather Rotations-Dellutri

    May 11: Weather Rotations-Dellutri

    Trimester 3 Week 33:

    April 30: NWEA Testing

    May 1: NWEA Testing

    May 2: Weather Rotation 2-Dawes Classroom

    May 3: Weather Rotation 2-Dawes Classroom

    May 4: Weather Rotation 2-Dawes Classroom

    Timester 3 Week 32:

    April 23: The Human Footprint-Guided Notes Due at the end of class.

    April 24: The Ocean and its connection to Meteorolgy.

    April 25: Weather Rotation 2-Dawes Classroom

    April 26: Weather Rotation 2-Dawes Classroom

    April 27: Weather Rotation 2-Dawes Classroom

    Trimester 3 Week 31:

    April 16: The Human Footprint Video

    April 17: The Human Footprint Video

    April 18: Weather Rotation 1

    April 19: Weather Rotation 1-Last Day

    April 20: Weather Rotation 1 Quiz

    Trimester 3 Week 30:

    April 9: Weather Sciencesaurus Q's

    April 10: Crash Course Weather and Climate

    April 11: Weather Rotation 1-1 lab, 1 model, 1 simulation

    April 12: Weather Rotation 1

    April 13: Weather Rotation 1

    Trimester 3 Week 29:

    April 2: No School

    April 3: Meterology Sciencesaurus Introduction WS-Section 212-230

    April 4: SS WS Due at the end of class

    April 5: Illinois Science Assessment

    April 6: Earth's Atmosphere Segment Project

    Trimester 3 Week 28:

    March 26-March 30: Spring Break

    Trimester 3 Week 27:

    March 19: Invertebrate Animal Comparison Scientific Report: Students will write a research report comparing the Earthworm to another invertebrate animal from the Phyla they researched. Due Friday.

    March 20:  Invertebrate Report: The Instructions and Rubric can be found on the student's Google Classroom for Science-Today is a work day.

    March 21: Work Day for Science Report.

    March 22: Peer Reviev and Edit for Report-Due on Friday at 12:30 PM. You must submit the report through Google Classroom.

    March 23: Invertebrate Report Due-Google Classroom-Special Schedule today for Assembly and Early Release.

    Trimester 3 Week 26

    March 12: PARCC Testing

    March 13: PARCC Testing

    March 14: Review Invertebrate Quiz-Intro to Worm Dissection

    March 15: Dissection Practice and Worm Terms

    MArch 16: Worm Dissection and Begin Lab Write-up

    Trimester 3 Week 25

    March 5: Invertebrate Animal Review

    March 6: Crach Course on Simple and Complex Invertebrates

    March 7: Quiz on Invertebrate Animals

    March 8: PARCC Testing

    March 9: PARCC Testing

    Trimeser 3 Week 24

    February 26: Memory activity for the divisions of the living things clasification system. HW create a sentence using the first letter of of each level of classification. Draw a picture of the sentence. (Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Clas, Order, Family Genus, Species)

    February 27: Animal Gallery Walk Research Day

    February 28: Animal Gallery Walk Research Day

    March 1: Animal Gallery Walk Viewing and Data Collection Day

    March 2: Animal Gallery Walk Viewing and Data Collection Day

    Trimester 2 Week 23

    February 19: No School-President's Day

    February 20: Classification Activity in class. HW Make a Classification Chart of a room in your house.

     (Dichotomous Chart

    February 21: Classification of Items in class.

    February 22: Clarifying Classification

    February 23: Classification of Living Things

    Semester 2 Week 22

    February 12: Genetics Activity

    February 13: Genetics Activity

    February 14: Genetics Test Review

    February 15: Genetics Test

    February 16: No School-Teacher's Institute Day

    Semester 2 Week 21

    February 5: Powerschool Check-up: Look for missing and late assignemnts.

    February 6: Holocaust Museum Trip

    February 7: Flower Lab Due-Punnet Squares Work

    February 8: Punnett Squares

    February 9: Mendel's Pea Pods-Punnett Squares.

    Semester 2 Week 20

    January 29: Classroom Traits Presentation and Graphs due Tuesday

    January 30: Flower Reproduction

    January 31: Flower Dissection Lab

    February 1: Flower Dissection Lab

    February 2: Flower Dissection Lab

    Semester 2 Week 19:

    January 22: Yeast Lab Quesstions

    January 23: Trait Survey

    January 24: Trait Graph-Histogram

    January 25: Trait Graph-Histogram

    January 26: Genetics Video-History of Genetics

    Semester 2 Week 18:

    January 15: No School

    Januart 16: NWEA TESTING

    January 17: NWEA TESTING

    January 18: Yeast Lab

    January 19: Yeast Lab Continued

    Semester 2 Week 17:

    January 8: Life Science Mad-Lib-Vocabulary for Life Science

    January 9: LS Mad-Lib-Create your own story using the different vocabulary words from the Pink Biology Handouts.

    January 10: Genetics Introduction

    January 11: Genetics Video

    January 12: DNA Activity

    Semester 2 Week 16:

    December 18: E-Mail Cross Curricular Story Creation-New Achieve 3000 Assignment Read 3 of the articles sent to you and do the activities associated to them by the end of the trimester. 

    Decemnber 19: E-Mail Cross Curricular Story Creation Peer Edit

    December 20: E-Mail Story Share/Debate

    December 21: Full E-Mail Lab Evidence Reveal and class discussion.

    December 22: Shortened/Modified Schedule for the Wintr Assembly

    Semester 2 Week 16:

    Deccember 11: Mystery Item Activity

    December 12: E-Mail Lab-Instructions are found on Google Classroom. Day 1 Information provided

    December 13: E-Mail Lab Day 2 Information provided

    December 14: E-Mail Lab Day 3 Information provided

    December 15: E-Mail Lab Narratives due by the end of class.

    Semester 2 Week 15:

    December 4: Fossil Lab Write-up-Look at Perimineralization Fossil and Trace Fossil

    December 5: Fossil Lab Due. Fossil Presentation with Guided Notes.

    December 6: Fossil Test Living vs. Non Living Pretest

    December 7: Living Things Classroom Discussion 

    December 8: Living Things Video

    Semester 2 Week 14:

    November 27: Complete Procedure Writing

    November 28: Fossil Making Stations Day One (Polymerzation and Mold and Cast Fossils)

    November 29: Fossil Making Stations Day Two (Compiling information electronically)

    November 30: Fossil Making Stations Day Three (Perimineralization and Trace Fossils)

    December 1: Finalization of Fossil Labs-Due Monday, December 4th. (Submitted via Google Classroom)Due Tuesday, December 5th.

    Semester 2 Week 13:

    November 13: Fossil Reading Assignment-Make an outline for each of the 3 Articles.

    November 14: Impression Fossil Activity

    November 15: Fossil Making Demonstrations

    November 16: Fossil Making Procedure Writing

    November 17: Fossil Making Procedure Writing

    Semester 2: Week 12

    November 6: Earth Science Final Assessment Review

    November 7: Earth Science Final Assessment

    November 8: Biology Introduction-Supercroc

    November 9: SuperCroc-Viewing Guide Assignment

    November 10: Supercroc Finish and go over guide.

    Semester 1 Week 11:

    October 30: Earth Science Lab Stations

    October 31: Earth Science Lab Stations

    November 1: Earth Science Lab Stations

    November 2: Geology Review with Post Test Final Sample.

    November 3: Final Geology Unit Test

    Semster 1 Week 10:

    October 23: Video-Colliding Planets

    October 24: Earth Science Power Point and Guided Notes

    October 25: Earth Science Power Point and Guided Notes

    October 26: Earth Science Power Point and Guided Notes

    October 27: Earth Science Power Point Quiz.

    Semester 1 Week 9:

    October 16: Google Classroom/EdPuzzle Assignment-Watch the video on Plate Tectonics and Write the questions/answers that are asked on paper to turn in. Due Wednesday

    October 17: Selene-Extra Credit Opportunity

    October 18: Selene-Extra Credit Opportunity

    October 19: Field Trip

    October 20: Grade Level Activities

    Semester 1 Week 8:

    October 9: No School

    October 10: Geologic Timeline (Calculation Sheet)-HW Finish Calculation-Complete Timeline Information Data Collection.

    October 11-Create a not to scale Geologic Timeline with researched events. (Due Friday)

    October 12-Performance Assessment-Scale/Measurement and Reading a chart/graph (Timeline)

    Use Google form on Classroom to enter in Researched Geologic Events.

    October 13-Performance Assessment Continued.

    Semester 1 Week 7:

    October 2: EarthViewer Timeline Research

    October 3: Graphing Data

    October 4: Graphing Data and Information Collection

    October 5: Timeline Information Collection

    Semester 1 Week 6:

    September 25: Earth Segment Model-Work Day

    September 26: Earth Segment Model-Work Day

    September 27: Earth Segment Model-Work Day-Due Thursday September 28

    September 28: Mass Extinction/Earth's Timeline

    September 29: Mass Extinctions

    Semester 1 Week 5:

    September 18: How the Earth was Made: Movie Guide WS

    September 19: HTEWM-Complete and fill in Study Guide

    September 20: EdPuzzle-Convection Cells Google Classroom Assignment-Take Notes comparing two demonstrations of convection cells.

    September 21: Earth's Segment Project-Individual assignment making a scale model of a crosssection of Earth.

    September 22: Earth's Segment Model-Work Day 

    Semester 1 Week 4:

    September 11-Science Skills-(Organization, Measurement, Scale) HW-Personal Timeline

    September 12-Personal Timeline-Workday

    September 13-Penny Lab Review

    September 14-How the Earth was Made.

    September 15-How the Earth was Made

    Semester 1 Week 3:

    September 4: No School

    September 5: Penny Lab Investigation-Write up...Due Monday September 11. (Google Classroom has the format and it should be submitted through Google Classroom.)

    September 6: Penny Lab Work Day

    September 7: NWEA Testing

    September 8: NWEA Testing


    Semester 1: Week 2

    August 28: Safety Quiz-Grade in Class-Hands on Science-Due Wednesday

    August 29: Classroom Video-The Nature of Science

    August 30: Geology Pre-Assessment

    August 31: Penny Lab Experiment

    September 1: Penny Lab Experiment

    Semester 1: Week 1

    August 21: Teacher Institute

    August 22: Teacher Institute, 8th Grade Open House

    August 23: First Day of School

    August 24: Hands on Science, Classroom Expectations, Science Safety

    August 25: Hands on Science, Classroom Expectations, Science Safety






    School Year 2016-17

    Trimester 3:

    Week 34:

    May 15-17: Vacation Presentations

    May 18-19: Human Impact on the Earth

    Week 33:

    May 8-12: Vacation Project Work Week-3 parts Individual Data Sheet, Promotional Pamphlet, and Presentation.

    Week 32:

    May 1: Weather Labs cont'd

    Mat 2: Review Labs-Due today.

    May 3: Weather Test Review

    May 4: Weather Test

    May 5: Vacation Spot Project introduction

    Week 31:

    April 24-15: NWEA

    April 26-28: Weather Labs (3 labs) Albedo, Cloud Cover,and Land vs. Mass.

    Week 30:

    April 17: PARCC Language Usage Teat

    April 18: Air Masses

    April 19: Ocean Currents

    April 20: Illinois Science Assessment

    April 21: Science Weather Songs-Interpret the basis of the songs (5)

    Week 29: (Mid-Term Week)

    April 10: Atmosphere Segment Assignment Work Day-Due Wednesday.

    April 11: Atmosphere Segment Assignment Work Day-Due Wednesday

    April 12: Atmosphere Segment Evaluation and Activity

    April 13: Air Masses, World Wind Patterns, Jet Streams, Ocean Currents, Coriolis Effect and other weather affecting phenomena.

    April 14: No School

    Week 28:

    April 3: PARCC  TESTING

    April 4: Cell and Embryo Development Project (Last Work Day)

    April 5: Cell Project Due Intro to Meteorology

    April 6: Sciencesaurus Meteorology Section-Reverse Guided Activity-Create a Question Sheet for someone else to answer. (With an answer Key)

    April 7: Atmosphere Segment Assignment

    Week 27: Spring Break

    Week 26:

    March 13: PARCC TESTING

    March 14: PARCC TESTING

    March 15: PARCC TESTING

    March 16: Cell and Embryo Development (Project assigned)

    March 17: Cell and Embryo Development Animation Assignment Workday.

    Week 25:

    March 6: Probability and Predicting Gender (Purple and Aqua WS)Create a graph of the Probability Data

    March 7: Focus Questions on Probability

    March 8: Mendel's Pea Pods and Punnett Squares

    March 9: Pea Pod Lab

    March 10: Great Transformations-Video

    Week 24:

    February 27: Trait Survey (Chordate Animal Claim and Evidence Due-Chordate Notes Due)

    February 28: Graphing of Trait Survey Data

    March 1: Graphing of Chordate Data-Interpreting the Data. (Graph Due Thursday, March 2.)

    March 2: Dominant and Recessive Traits

    March 3: Genes, Chromosomes and DNA

    Trimester 2:

    Week 23:

    February 20: No school President's Day

    February 21: Chordate Animal Information Gathering Assignment.

    February 22: Chordate Animal Information Gathering Assignment.

    February 23: Chordate Animal Claim and Evidence Assignment.

    February 24: Chordate Animals-Discussion End of Grading Period.

    Week 22:

    February 13: Earthworm Dissection Lab Write-up (Typed report following the Rubric Guidelines)

    Due: Thursday Feb 16

    February 14: Earthworm Dissection Lab Write-up

    February 15: Animal Development Chordates

    February 16: Chordates

    February 17: No School-Teacher Institute Day

    Week 21:

    February 6: Invertebrate Timeline

    February 7: Invertebrate Timeline

    February 8: Earthworm dissection Prep

    February 9: Earthworm Dissection

    February 10: Earthworm Dissection Lab Write-up

    Week 20:

    January 30: Invertebrate Gallery Poster Work

    January 31: Invertebrate Gallery Poster Work-Put on Display Today

    February 1: Gallery Walk-Information Collection

    February 2: Gallery Walk-Information Collection-Write a Claim and Evidence Statement about Invertebrate Animals-Support the statement with information collected from the Gallery Walk.

    February 3: Invertebrate Animal Class Discussion

    Week 19:

    January 23: Kingdom Panel Book Project

    January 24: Introduction to the Animal Kingdom

    January 25: Invertebrate Animals (Phyla Level of the Organization)

    January 26: Performance Assessment-Making a wet slide for the microscope. Quiz-Classification

    January 27: Invertebrate Animal-Group Research and Gallery Display Construction

    Week 18:

    January 16: No School MLK Day

    January 17: Yeast Lab-Is it Alive

    January 18: Yeast Lab

    January 19: Classification Levels-Kingdoms

    January 20: Classification-Kingdoms

    Week 17:

    January 9: Dochotomous Charts and Taxinomic Keys

    January 10: Button Classification

    January 11: Button Classification

    January 12: Classification of Living Things

    January 13: Classification of Living Things

    Week 16.5

    January 5:Finish all incomplete work.

    January 6: Mid-Term-Classification Activity

    Week 16:

    December 12: Fossil Making Videos and Procedure Development

    December 13: Fossil Lab-Fossil Making Day 1

    December 14: Fossil Lab-Fossil Making Day 2

    December 15: Fossil Lab-Write-up Day

    December 16: Fossil Lab-Write-up Due Today

    Week 15:

    December 5: Living Things Introduction

    December 6: Design an Extreme Characteristic

    December 7-9: Fossil Article Reading and Comparison with a discussion.

    Week 14:

    November 28: Test completion, Test corrections, and Introduction to Diversity and Adaptation Unit. HW-Choose 2 of the three articles from Achieve 3000 and do all activities in the article lesson. (The articles are as follows: A Story With Legs, A Snapshot in Time, and A Whale of a Whale)

    November 29: Holocaust Field Trip

    November 30: NWEA Testing (Special Schedule)

    December 1: NWEA Testing (Special Schedule)

    December 2: Official introduction to the Diversity and Adaptation Unit

    Week 13:

    November 14-15: Earth System Stations: Day 3

    November 16-17: Review of ES Packet and Unit Test

    November 18: Geology Unit Test

    Week 12:

    November 7-11: Earth System Stations: Day One Demonstrations. Days 2-5 Group Rotations Through Each Station

    Trimester 1:

    Week 11:

    October 31: Bill Nye Greatest Discoveries Earth Science(YouTube)

    November 1: The Earth's Crust-Plate Tectonics

    November 2: Plate Tectonics

    November 3: Volcanoes and Earth Quakes

    November 4: Volcanoes and Earthquakes

    Week 10:

    October 24: Earth Segment Model-Individual Model Production

    October 25: Earth Segment

    October 26: Earth Segment

    October 27: The Crust and Mantle

    October 28: The Core

    Week 9:

    October 17: Radiometric Decay Lab Due

    October 18: Half life quiz

    October 19: Video: Planet Earth

    October 20-21: Field trips

    Week 8:

    October 10: No School

    October 11: Half-life/Radio Active Decay Demonstration

    October 12: Half-life Lab

    October 13: Half-life Lab

    October 14: Finish Half-Life Lab and Graphs: Due today

    Week 7:

    October 3: Geologic Timelines Collected and Demonstration of Cornell Note Taking Method (On Geologic Time)

    October 4: Prentice Hall Chapter in class review.

    October 5: Earth Segment-Model Design-Research

    October 6: Earth Segment-Model Design-Research

    October 7: No School-Teacher Institute 

    Class Week 6:

    Monday, September 26: Super Croc Questions Due

    Tuesday, September 27: Earth's Timeline (Calculations)

    Wednesday, September 28-Friday, September 30: Earth's Timeline (Construction)

    Week 5:

    Monday, September 19: Personal Timeline

    Tuesday, September 20: How the Earth was Made. Personal Timeline Due


    Wednesday,September 21: Earth's Timeline Moved to 9/27-9/30

    Thursday, September 22: Earth's Timeline Moved to 9/27-9/30

    Super Croc-Video and Questions

    Friday, September 23: Earth's Timeline Moved to 9/27-9/30

    Super Croc-Video and Questions

    Week 4:

    Monday, September 12: Penny Lab Write-up-Formal Paper-Typed in class with partner, Follow the Rubric. Found in Handout Folder. Due Thursday.

    Tuesday, September 13: Add a cover page to the Report-Continue working on Lab report.

    Wednesday, September 14: Self grade lab report-fix any minor parts-Report Due Thursday

    Thursday, September 15: Introduction to Earth Science-Pretest. Changed to Personal Timeline Activity

    Friday, September 16: How the Earth was Made-Video Changed to Continue with making a final copy of the Personal Timeline.

    Week 3:

    Monday, September 5: Labor Day-No School

    Tuesday, September 6: Nature of Science and the scientific method.

    Wednesday, September 7: Start Penny Lab Investigation

    Thursday, September 8: Penny Lab

    Friday, September 9: Penny Lab

    Week 2:

    Monday, August 29: Hands on Science and the Nature of Science-Assignment due Thursday September 1

    Tuesday, August 30: Work on final copy of Hands on  Science Assignment

    Wednesday, August 31: NWEA Math Test

    Thursday, September 1: Lab Safety Contract and Open Note Quiz on Lab Safety (Hands on Science Due)

    Lab Safety Contract Due Wednesday, September 6.

    Friday, September 2: NWEA Language and Reading Tests

    Week 1:

    Wednesday, August 24: First Day of School

    Thursday, August 25: Science Assessment

    Friday, August 26, Classroom Rules

    School Year 2015-16

    Trimester 3:

    Week 35:

    May 9-May 13:Hurricane Maps and Questions Due (Monday)

    Global Climate Change-Activities include Gathering Data, Historical Information, Interpreting and extrapolating data, Climate Quiz, Determining factors of change, and people's effect on climate.

    Week 34:

    May 2-May 5: Hurricane Mapping 2 maps. 1 Simulation, 1 Historical.

    Week 33:

    April 25: MAP Testing

    April 26: Reading on Climate-Make 10 Quiz Questions-Multiple Choice.

    April 27: Ocean Currents, Winds, and Other Climate Factors.

    April 28: Oceans Currents, Winds, and Other Climate Factors.

    April 29: Climate Quiz

    Week 32:

    April 18: Finish Test, Hand back projects, and introduce Climate.

    April 19: Go over test. Climate Activity. HW-Climate zones and types.

    April 20: Coriolis Effect

    April 21: Wind and Ocean Currents

    April 22: Wind and Ocean Currents

    Week 31:

    April 11: Type up Final of Weather Journal

    April 12: Type up Final of Weather Journal

    April 13: Final Copy of Weather Journal Due

    April 14: Weather Test Review

    April 15: Weather Test.

    Week 30:

    April 4: Weather Journal Project-Cloud Formations

    April 5: Cloud Formations

    April 6: Weather Journal (Put it together)

    April 7: Weather Journal-Weather Symbols

    April 8: Weather Journal Due. Weather Quiz. Quiz Changed to next week and Journal Due Next Wednesday.

    Week 29:

    March 28: No School

    March 29: Introduction of the Weather Journal Project (Lab Due for before spring break.)

    March 30: Weather-Data Collection (done daily for the next 7 days, Lecture on Air Masses and Fronts.

    March 31: Weather-Data Collection, Air Masses and Fronts In-class assignment.

    April 1: Weather-Data Collection, High and Low Pressure Systems.

    Week 28:

    March 14: Finish Weather and Climate Unit Notes.

    March 15: Lab Prep (Mass and Volume Activity) Calculations.

    March 16: Mass and Volume Lab-Taking Measurements and making calculations.

    March 17: Graphing Data from Lab.

    March 18: Lab Due. Making Weather Observations Activity.


    Week 27:

    March 7: PARCC Testing

    March 8: PARCC Testing

    March 9: PARCC Testing

    March 10: Self-Evaluation of Atmospheric Segment.        

              Weather and Climate Unit Notes-Keep for Review

    March 11: Movie Documentary-"Vanished" NOVA-Handout

    Week 26:

    February 29: Sciencesaurus 212-235 Create a Vocabulary List to use throughout the unit.

    March 1: Small Group Assignment-Create an Atmosphere Segment to Scale-Rubric handed out. Due Friday, March 4. Final Due Date: Thursday, March 10 with written paper and rubric.

    March 2: Atmosphere Segment workday.

    March 3: Atmosphere Segment. Due Friday.

    March 4: Segment Evaluation and Quiz.

    Week 25:

    February 22: Future Fossil Project-DUE TUESDAY FEBRUARY 23


    February 23: Unit Test Review Activity/Practice PAARC Questions

    February 24: Unit Test Review Game

    February 25: UNIT TEST

    February 26: Intro to Weather Unit-END OF 2nd TRIMESTER

    Week 24:

    February 15: No School-President's Day

    February 16:Future Fossil Project Work Day-Paper-Begin experimenting with 3-D software (Sculptris)

    February 17: FFP and 3-D Fossil design

    February 18: Final Paper for FFP due next Tuesday (February 23)

    Feb 19: Design of Future Fossil due with Paper on Tuesday.

    Week 23:

    February 8: Mass Extinction-Video

    February 9: Introduction to Survival of the Fittest Research Project and Future Fossil Production. Give out Locations and Catastrophic Event

    February 10: Begin Research on Locations, Events, Flora and Fauna of Locations, and other information for the project.

    February 11: Research Day

    February 12: No School-Teacher Conferences

    Week 22:

    February 1: Great Transformations-Video on Whale Evolution.

    February 2: Field Trip-Holocaust Museum Visit

    February 3: Follow-up on Genetics, reteach some key concepts.

    February 4: Performance Assessment on Genetics. Create an outlandish species.

    February 5: Performance Assessment on Genetics continued.

    Week 21:

    January 25: Chromosomes HW-Gold Chromosome WS

    January 26: Traits and Introduction to Mendel's Pea Plant Experiment

    January 27: Mendel's Experiments

    January 28: Punnett Square Activity (Orange Worksheet)

    January 29: Punnett Square Activity Continued

    Week 20:

    January 18: MLK Birthday-No School

    January 19: Movie-What Darwin Never Knew

    January 20: Movie continued

    January 21: Mitosis and Meiosis Diagrams HW-Color Diagrams

    January 22: Meiosis Activity and worksheet-In Class

    Week 19:

    January 11: NWEA Activities and Test-Math

    January 12: NWEA Activities and Test-Reading

    January 13: Trait Survey

    January 14: Genetics Activity

    January 15: Introduction to Mitosis

    Week 18:

    January 4: Microscope Activity-In Class Assignment

    January 5: Yeast Observation and Asexual Reproduction activity and discussion.

    January 6: Pre-run Yeast Lab

    January 7: Yeast Lab.

    January 8: Yeast Lab Continued. Due Next week

    Week 17:

    December 14: Complete Invertebrate Discussion-Introduce Worm Dissection. HW-Read through the procedures for the activity.

    December 15: Earthworm Dissection Lab. HW-Lab Report due Wednesday  

    December 16: Invertebrate Animal and Fossil Quiz-Open Notes

    December 17: Movie-Enchanted Kingdom

    December 18: Wednesday Schedule-Winter Assembly

    Week 16:

    December 7: Animal Phyla Research-Group Project In-Class: Create a Poster of your assigned Animal Phyla with all of the criteria given to you. There will be a Gallery Walk on Wednesday for students to gather information from other Phyla groups.

    December 8: Research and Development of Phyla Poster.

    December 9: Gallery Walk and Information Gathering

    December 10: Continue Gallery Walk and Information Gathering.

    December 11:Classroom Discussion on Invertebrate Animals.

    Week 15:

    November 30-Begin Classification-Video and WS. HW Read in the Sciencesaurus 150-157-Outlines made from the reading can be used on tests.

    December 1:Creating a Dichotomous Chart-In Class Activity.HW Read in the Sciencesaurus 158-162-Outlines made from the reading can be used on tests.

    December 2: Classifying Activity-In Class HW-Turn in your chart that you created.

    December 3:Whale Classification Activity. Living Things Characteristics.

    December 4: 7/8 Levels of classification. HW-Create a pneumonic device for the levels.



    Week 14:

    November 23-November 27: No School-Thanksgiving Holiday

    Week 13:

    November 16: Complete Fossil Making-Begin planning Fossil Lab Write-up

    November 17-18: Type Fossil Lab Write-up. Follow Rubric Guidelines Due Thursday, November 19.

    November 19-20: Supercroc Video-Guided Questions In Class assignment.

    Week 12: Week one of Trimester 2

    November 9-10: New Unit-Natural Selection and Biology-Readings on Fossils-Choose two articles, outline them and compare/contrast them using a Venn Diagram.

    November 11: Fossil Making Demonstrations

    November 12-13: Fossil Making "Lab"


    Week 11:

    November 2-3: Review each Geology Station. Fill in Information Packet.

    November 4: Geology Unit Test Review: Jeopardy Game

    November 5: Geology Unit Test

    November 6: Geologic Journey: North America-Video (End of Trimester 1)

    Week 10:

    October 26: Pre-view of Geology Stations-expectations and purpose are provided today.

    Oct 27-30: 9 Geology Station-mini-activities.

    Week 9:

    October 19: Go over Plate Tectonics Lab

    October 20: Geology Slide Show

    October 21-23: Selene-computer simulation of planet building.

    Week 8:

    October 12: No School

    October 13: Review Earth's Cross-section Assignment: Get the Selene Paperwork filled out.

    October 14: Review Earth's Timeline

    October 15: Quiz-Earth's History and Design-Correction-Lab Prep Today/Lab on Friday

    October 16: Lab Prep-Tectonic Plates-Lab is today.

    Week 7:

    October 5: Earth Cross Section and Data Due Today. Introduction to Earth's History Timeline. 

    October 6: Earth's Timeline Creation

    October 7-8: Earth's Timeline

    October 9: Institute Day-No School

    Week 6:

    September 28:Confusing Science Terms-in class activity

    September 29:Cambridge Note Taking in the Sciencesaurus Section 177-178 and 194-200

    September 30-October 2: Earth Cross Section Model Development.

    Week 5:

    September 21-22: Work on My Life Timeline

    September 23-25: How the Earth Was Made Movie with Guided Notes. My Life Time Line Due Friday September 25.

    Week 4:

    September 14:E-Mail Lab-finish individual story. Be prepared for Classroom Discussion on September 15.

    September 15: E-Mail Lab Classroom Discussion. All students must be prepared to be involved in classroom discussion.

    September 16: E-Mail Lab Due: (Group-Poster and Graphic Organizer. Individual: Story with Footnotes for proof.

    September 17: NWEA Test-Team Activities to follow.

    September 18: NWEA Test-Team Activities to follow.

    Week 3:

    September 7-No School

    September 8-Final Copy of the Penny Lab-1 per group-Individually-Create a Cover and A Graph for the Lab (Lab Due Wednesday, September 9.)

    September 9-E-Mail Lab-(Data Interpretation Lab)

    September 10-E-Mail Lab-(Story Creation)

    September 11-E-Mail Lab-Classroom Debate

    Week 2:

    August 31: Safety Quiz and Sciencesaurus Reference Book Check-Out

    September 1: Science Pre-Assessment-Completed in class

    September 2: Hands-on Science Assignment Due. Begin working on the Penny Lab. You can find the rubric for all labs on the front page titled "Lab Rubric"

    September 3: Penny Lab-Design Procedures and a Data Collection Chart-begin testing if possible.

    September 4: Penny Lab-Test and Collect