Birthday Celebrations

  • School district policy regarding birthdays…


    It is important to be aware that if students choose to celebrate their birthday at school, edible birthday treats are not an option, however they may bring a non-edible treat to share with the class.  Some ideas include pencils, bookmarks, or donate a book or game to the class or school.  A more extensive list of suggestions is provided below. The following is from the District Parent/Student handbook for your information:

     Birthdays Celebrations

    Birthdays are important milestones for children and many families choose to note this event by sending items to school to share with their child’s classmates.  Parents may recognize birthdays at school in ways that do not involve food items.  Some examples include providing non-edible trinkets for the class or purchasing a book/game for the classroom in the child’s honor.  Birthday food items, such as cupcakes, will no longer be distributed at school.


    A few Non-Edible Birthday Treat Ideas…


    Special Pencil – with or without topper



    Book or game that the birthday child donates to his/her class or school

    This is so fun if the parent/guardian wraps the item and can keep it a secret so the child does not know what he/she is opening/giving to the class!

    Small toy or trinket to be sent home

    i.e. bubbles, super ball, top, etc.




    Origami animal, flower, etc.

    Very special when made by the birthday family.