Student of the Week

  • We will be having a "Student of the Week" each week. There are several exciting events or activities to honor him or her and to help us get to know our special classmate. I will send home a letter the week before it is your son/daughter's turn.


    Monday: Memory Bag

    A “memory” bag will be sent home with your child to use as the “memory sack.”  Please help your child collect special items from home with which to fill the bag. Some ideas would be trophies, games, books, collections, or trinkets from vacations. Please send it back to school with your child on Monday to share with his or her classmates.  Students should also bring 9 photos of their choice to display on the Star of the Week bulletin board.  They are also asked to do the "Read All About Me" Poster so we can learn more about him/her.


    Wednesday:  Student Recognition

    The student will be recognized by his/her classmates. The class will write a letter to the student.  I will put the letters together into a class book for your child to bring home.


    Thursday: Favorite Picture Book

    Your student will get to sit on the teacher's chair and read their favorite book to the class.  Please have them practice their book at home so they are comfortable with it by Thursday.

    Thank you for your help in making this a special week for your child!