Homework Philosophy and Expectations


    My Homework Philosophy

    Usually, students will find that I provide sufficient independent time for them to complete their homework assignments in school, provided they use their work time wisely. In addition to assigned homework, students may occasionally be asked to finish other class work at home if they were not able to complete it during the allotted time at school.

    I believe that homework should be of value to a child's success in school. It should provide additional practice and help reinforce skills and concepts already taught in class. In addition, it should provide an avenue to develop solid study habits that will be necessary as the student progresses through his or her school years.

    I do not want homework to build frustration at home or at school, and I will not give homework simply for the sake of giving homework.


    Grading Homework

    I check all homework for understanding, and I will maintain a completion record for their homework assignments.

    I realize that situations will arise in which students do not understand the concepts reinforced in their homework, so I will not penalize a student for not completing problems that he or she does not understand. In those situations, students must simply show an honest effort to attempt the assignment. There is no need to work to the point of frustration. Instead, they should write down their question(s) and bring them to me with the assignment the next day. Then, I will provide the support needed to ensure they grasp the concept.   


    Due Date Expectations

    I expect that all students will complete and return homework assignments by the due date. If an emergency comes up at home and your child cannot get homework finished by the due date, please send a note and I will give him or her an extra day. Generally, I am flexible with occassional late assignments, but students whose assignments are chronically late may warrant missed recess or a parent conference. 

    In the event of an excused absence, the due date will be extended the same number of days as the absence.