Crisis Support and Resources

  • If you are having a serious or emergency level emotional or mental health concern, Please speak with your child about their feelings and the situation if possible.

    Also, here are some numbers to hotlines that can connect you to a mental health worker (please only use these resources for urgent/serious matters):


    • Safe2Help: Safe2Help Illinois is available 24/7, and at no cost to all school districts in the state. In the absence of a trusted adult, students can use a free app, text/phone, or the website ( to share school safety issues in a confidential environment.


    • National Suicide Hotline: Call 1-800-273-8255


    • Lake County Text-a-Tip: You text LAKECO (and your message) to the number 1-844-823-5323. Within seconds, you will receive an automated response, and within minutes a live mental health counselor will respond to your text. All messages are sent through a cloaking server located offsite that keeps the communication completely anonymous.


    • Lake County SASS (Crisis Line)- if it is a mental health emergency, they can send a worker to your home to complete an assessment. The number you can call is 800-345-9049.


    • You can also call your local police department for assistance if your child or someone in your family is feeling unsafe or if you are worried about the safety of another. The police can help link people to mental health services and do a wellness check if appropriate. The non-emergency number for the Antioch Police is 847-395-8585.