Math Grade 5

  • Welcome! I am very excited to be teaching your child math this year! We will have lots of fun this year as we learn math concepts and skills from the 5th grade Eureka Math curriculum and apply our learning to real-world scenarios.


    Copies of the student module workbooks and parent tips can be found online. Video lessons are also posted online for every Eureka Math lesson.


    Our math class will be run in a guided math fashion. My goal will be to meet with each guided math group every day. During their independent time, students will be working on Math4Today, Khan Academy, and other challenging math problems.

    On occasion, I may choose to follow a flipped learning model for math instruction. This means that your child will be responsible for watching a video of the math concept prior to our next guided math group and completing a few practice problems at home. During guided math in class, students will bring any questions they have and I will help them work through the remaining problems in the lesson. Alternately, if students have demonstrated understanding, I will work with them on more complex problems involving real-life application of the math concept.

    At the onset of each module, I will administer a pretest to determine students' knowledge of the math concepts. Instruction will then be tailored to students' needs. Students who have mastered math concepts earlier than their peers will be challenged with real-life application projects that relate to the current math concepts being taught.


    Under the flipped model of instruction, homework looks different. Instead of completing practice problems at home from the lesson given in class, students will watch a brief video that explains the math concept. They will try a few problems as guided in the video. Students will then bring any questions back to school the next day so I can address them during class. We will spend class time working on math problems and gaining a deeper understanding of the concepts. This new type of homework requires online access at home. However, if a student does not have Internet access, it is possible for him or her to complete the online portion at school. I will always help students to come up with a solution that will ensure success.

    Students will also typically receive a weekly homework sheet containing four columns (Monday through Thursday) of spiraling math concepts. I will assign additional work as needed to ensure mastery of skills and academic growth. 


    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you or your child might have regarding math class. Email is generally the most efficient way to communicate, but you may also leave a message on my voicemail if you prefer. I will return your call within 24 hours during the school week. 



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