Character Education

  • As a teacher, I am committed to providing opportunities for students to learn and practice good character. Such qualities as honesty, acceptance, respect, trustworthiness, caring, etc. are necessary for success in the school community as well as throughout life. In my classroom, I will work to infuse character education messages into all our learning activities.  

    I will...

    • seek students' assistance in developing a mission statement and group norms for our time together, and then hold students accountable for them
    • promote the Hillcrest virtue of the month and recognize students who model that virtue
    • regularly weave into our discussions the question "What's the right thing to do?" 
    • help students see that the "good" in students goes deeper than academic success
    • structure opportunities for students to do service within the classroom and school
    • lead by example
    • not allow unkindness in my classroom
    • praise students who exhibit good character
    • teach students that we care for each other
    • celebrate and discuss the accomplishments of heroes and heroines, including everyday heroes
    • teach students the importance of respect, open mindedness, privacy, and discretion when conflicts arise at school
    • not allow conversations that are fueled by gossip or disrespect
    • teach courtesy
    • use teachable moments to reinforce proper behavior
    • emphasize good sportsmanship
    • be patriotic and teach respect for our nation