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    Dear Parents,

    Please be patient and read this all! Remote 2.0 Learning is on it’s way and as things get updated information may change.  I am not a tech genius but have learned so much over the summer that I am sure my remote classes will work well.  If you have internet issues contact me as soon as you can.  If I have internet issues, I will update you as fast as possible. Hopefully all will run great but I teach problem solving strategies to your child and I am sure we will be using them!!!!


    This trimester your child is taking Project Lead the Way as their Encore class.  PLTW is a science, technology, engineering and math based class.  Your child will be studying Design and Modeling in 6th grade, Medical Detectives in 7th grade and Physics of Flight and Space in 8th grade. PLTW is a national program for STEM Education. Through activity, project, and problem-based curriculum, PLTW gives students a chance to apply what they know, identify problems, find solutions, and lead their own learning. This class follows a student based learning model so students will be learning some concepts on their own, some learning will take place in small groups, when we can figure it out remotely, and students will be working on projects and labs.


    In 6th grade Design and Molding students will be learning about engineering, measurement, building, using tools and the process of thinking in order to create.  We will also be learning about isometric and orthographic sketching and blueprints.  If time allows, they will be working on CAD.  This class takes creative and organization.  Students will also need to use weird supplies such as recycled materials in order to make prototypes of their inventions and builds.


    MD in 7th grade teaches students a formal structure for solving problems in medical fields. Students will start by “applying to medical school” by researching a career and researching a medical school or nursing school.  They will work on a resume and may be asking you to write a letter of recommendation. Next, your child will be learning about lab safety and problem solving. The first half of the class involves students learning basic medical skills like blood pressure, temperature, how the body works, and vital signs.  Then they will learn how the Central Nervous System works and they will dissect a sheep brain.  This covers thinking skills while observing doing lab work.  Students will work collaboratively and remotely to learn these activities.  Modification of some of the labs remotely worked well in the spring and brain dissections can be done virtually or at home.  I am hopeful that we will be back in the building at that time. 


    8th graders are learning about the physics of Flight and Space.  It is a challenging class with many builds and tons of structure.  They will learn about the history of flight, the basics of physics, make a hot air balloon or kite, as well as create a digital and basel wood glider.  There is also a research paper/ project during the 12 weeks. Preparation and notetaking is a large part of this curriculum. 


    There is a great deal of learning in this trimester!  Students will learn to fail and restart, persevere, seek new ideas, work with others and problem solve.  This is a fun class that has high expectations and I know your child will soar!

    During the course of the trimester, your child will have homework.  I will be contacting you when larger projects are due and will email updates about the class approximately every three weeks. The students will also have online access to lessons at my Google classroom website:


    PROJECT LEAD THE WAY:  Google classroom codes for Ms Guanci's google classrooms

    Period 1 Medical Detectives- Remote 2.0 2020     Code: oeweyfq  

    Period 3 Design and Modeling      Code: hdc67hy  

    Period 4 Medical Detectives Remote 2.0      Code: powlcq4  

    Period 6 Success 2.0        Code: dkyi77c    

    Period 7 Flight and Space 2.0        Code: 7nblgp4

    Period 8 Design and Modeling class   Code: g50fnjg


    Students have a classroom workbook with lessons. Additional lessons will be on the google classroom.  I will try to have material in the pick up times for everyone but my PLTW order for this year has been  unexpectedly delayed so please be patient.  I am changing and moving lesson plans to accommodate this issue.  

    Supplies needed for this class are:  Pick up Lab book and supplies from school.

         Colored pencils      TONS of pencils and pens       Pencil sharpener

    Tape/ Glue- various types       Ruler- metric and standard/ Measuring tape if possibe

    Headphones; unless you would like to hear all my lectures!   Sticky notes/Index cardsPaper- ideally a ¼ or pack of typing paper for both printing and building

    Occasional Expo marker

    NEEDED LATER:  random recycle bin supplies as projects are introduced


    I need classroom volunteers for some of the hands-on lab organization or to help with demonstrations, even remotely or right away, when we go back.  I will send emails out but email me if you are interested.  I am also searching for speakers in engineering, building, medical, legal, criminal or any related careers who may like to “come speak” or help as a reference.  Any business or medical office that would like to help out this STEM/ PLTW program are also welcome to contact me. I would like to develop a library of quality STEM video snippets, quality longer videos, and when we are back in the building, building supplies like foam board, heavy cardboard, cardboard tubes, Legos and gear toys. I could use cubes, tool storage, pencil sharpeners and extra PENCILS. If you have items you would like to donate to this program please email me.  If you hear about events and workshops that encourage STEM, please let me know about them. If you see video clips or other ideas that you think would benefit the students or me please contact me as well.


    Please email me with questions and concerns.  I am extremely excited about this program and am thrilled that your child will be learning and building STEM skills with me!  

    Thank you - Ms Guanci  aguanci@antioch34.com