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    Hello To All!

    I hope that everyone is in good health...the most single thing that we all should be grateful to have. Please, please, please....say hello to your child/children for me.  I miss them...I miss thier smiles, thier sweetness, and their silliness. 

    I have and will continue to e-mai each family with instructions, activities, and resources for remote learning.  I have also called and spoken with or left a voicemail with each of you.  Please know that I am here as a resource to support you in any way that I can.  If you want to contact me please use my school e-mail address; if I have too many places to check, I'm likely to miss someone's message. 

    I have included some supports on this site for you to use as needed.  Take a peek at the reward chart and ideas for rewards at home.  Keeping your children engaged in learning might be a struggle; especially when there's so much to manage in life already! I've also included a calendar of fun activities if you want to take a break or change things up a bit.  I've also put in some academic supports like anchor charts/posters that your child/children would have access to in my office.  I will continue to add new resources; I don't want to put too much in at one time and/or make anyone feel overwhelmed.

    Please remember to reach out to me by using my school e-mail address if you have any questions...or...if you're stuck and don't even know what question to ask.  We are all overwhelmed; you are not alone!  


    Stay Safe and wishing you good good health!

    Gwen Jordan


    Dear Parents:

    As you are aware, we as a learning community are in uncharted territory with the closing of our school due to the current health safety concerns. With that being said, I would like to express to you that I am accessible as a support to you and your child during this time.  Please contact me if you find yourself needing any type of assistance.  If I cannot assist you directly, I will do my best to find someone who can.  During this extended time away from school, I would suggest establishing as much of a consistent “new” routine as you can.  Opportunities for continued learning can be a part of this daily routine.

    Your child’s classroom teacher will be using their web page to post daily literacy and math lessons.  I will be e-mailing you activities that you can use with your child to continue to reinforce their skill development.  The expectation is not that your child would have double the work as other students who do not receive special education services.  Rather, you have a “menu” of lessons and/or activities that you can choose from that you find most beneficial for your child.   

    There are several activities that I will be sending you that can be used more than one time.  They are meant to reinforce skills that are at your child’s level.  I will send new activities for you to choose from on a weekly basis; this way you can choose from a “menu” of activities throughout the week, especially if choosing it as an alternative to the classroom lesson. 

    Please don’t get caught up on what to choose…it’s all good and your interaction with your child is what is most important.  What to do if lessons become a battle???  READ books to them!  There’s so much learning woven in naturally when you read and talk about a book.  I know this might seem overwhelming, but you’re going to do a great job!  Even a little work each day adds up to good things.

    I will send lessons via e-mail beginning on Monday, March 30th. Please contact me via e-mail if you have any questions.


    Wishing health to all…please let your child know that I say hello and that I know they’re going to do a great job of learning at home.


    Take Care,

    Gwen Jordan

    Special Education Resource Teacher